Starpower plus a new spin make ‘Magnificent Seven’ a worthy entry

In Rose Creek, some years after the Civil war, poor farmers hire a gunslinging warrant officer to defend them against the mining kingpin who’s trying to run them off.
young girl enjoying bacon and eggs

Next Sunday’s brunch crawl is “bacon” us crazy

Summer is heating up, with Downtown Chandler’s You’re Bacon Me Crazy Brunch Crawl promising some tasty fun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday,...

Intense drama unfolds in ‘Gidion’s Knot’

Even though it’s set in a fifth grade classroom, Gidion’s Knot is decidedly not for fifth graders, or even 6th graders.

‘Orangemen’ peel a slice of inspiration from Blue Man Group

M.V. Moorhead Photo by Billy Hardiman Orange is the new Blue. At least it is at Corona del Sol. The Percussion Ensemble from the high school’s powerhouse music department...

‘Hop’ may be silly but still provides plenty of flop-eared hijinks

Much of last month I spent in China, where the Year of the Rabbit is in full swing. Cute little bunnies were in evidence...

Yearly Palm Springs trek quite a treat for fanciers of film classics

The weekend of May 10th through the 13th, I had the pleasure to hang out in one of my favorite towns in the country,Palm...

Choir, drama students team up

Goodwill of Arizona and Marcos de Niza High School’s Choir and Drama Program have teamed up for the second year in a row, providing an opportunity to empty...

Hotshots’ heroism hits the big screen

Wildland firefighting is regarded, on the whole, as more strenuous and demanding than structure firefighting, and usually more dangerous. But it isn’t more cinematic.

Animated ‘Ralph’ one of genre’s 2012 bests

When your name is Wreck-It Ralph and you no longer want to wreck things—well, what you got there is an existential drama. The title character...

Harvard-Yale match a ‘60s metaphor to 2014 politics

Review by M.V. Moorhead So now we know—if we care—that the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will face each other in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. I hope everybody enjoys...