Ethnicities blend in newest appeal to culinary ‘fusion’ fanciers

By M.V. Moorhead “Fusion” has been a favorite term in the restaurant business in recent years. As the word implies, it’s the idea of the culinary traditions...

Mark Moorhead’s ‘Best of’ listing of all-time romantic film classics

Flowers wilt. Candy endangers the waistline. Jewelry endangers the credit card. But a good romantic movie can make for a world-class Valentine’s Day. Choosing the right...

Success may have taken this operatic singer away from home but not from his...

Richard Ollarsaba has packed a lot of music, and a lot of mileage, into the 11 years since he graduated from Corona del Sol High School.

Actor’s wide-ranging genius balanced comedy, drama

It’s claimed that Larry Hagman despised I Dream of Jeannie, the hit show in which he starred from 1965 to 1970. It’s a shame...

W. Chandler medical firm traces its roots to U.K. beginnings

By Sammie Ann Wicks It’s the classic 20th-century American immigrant’s tale: young man, full of ambition and wanderlust, casts his eyes across the Atlantic, and resolves...

Ukelele moving up the charts among music aficionados

By Chelsea Martin An appalling thought it is to imagine a world without music. While some may argue that we’d be better off without the distractions music can...

Pfeiffer’s enchantingly brittle portrayal carries wistful comedy ‘French Exit’

Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges star in “French Exit,” a comedy that at times is laugh-out-loud funny, but with an aching sadness to it, as well.

Diversions… with M.V. Moorhead

Father of Yuletide classic comes to life in screenplay

Famed amusement park gives birth to comic duo, and to a lifetime of wondrous...

Editor’s note: Kyle Maki helped guide Wrangler News for almost 15 years, during which he matured from high school graduate, to four years at...

Whether iconic white rabbit or grisly disaster victim, costume designer revels in creative joys,...

Sometimes it’s a talking white rabbit, sometimes it’s a disaster victim. When you’re a costume designer, you can just never be sure who you’ll be asked to dress next.