‘No. 4’ aspires to ‘Twilight’

Authorship of the young-adult novel I Am Number Four is credited to a certain “Pittacus Lore.” If you have a faint suspicion of a...

Film Fare with M.V. Moorhead

Now in theaters, and the leader in this year’s Oscar nominations: The Revenant; Norm of the North

The BFG: Definitely not Spielberg’s best, but Rylance is a ‘Big Friendly Deal’ nonetheless

The title stands for “Big Friendly Giant,” and the title character is just that—a pleasant colossus (Mark Rylance) whose job is deliver pleasant dreams.

‘Unstoppable’ on track to reprise popular runaway-train theme

Runaway locomotives have a long and noble history in movies, and I've been a fan at least since the TV movie Runaway! back in...

New Affleck action thriller is not the “Accountant” we’ve all known

There’s a degree of wit simply in naming an action thriller The Accountant.

Teen playwright scores a hit with big stage production

Briana Fleming never planned to be a playwright.

Convergence of milestones again puts popular musician in limelight

Story by Georgia Swing Photo by Billy Hardiman Singer-songwriter Walt Richardson looks back at 35 years of entertaining Tempe audiences and says he feels like he’s just beginning. For...

19th annual Jewish fi lmfest to focus on U.S. show biz icons

By M.V. Moorhead The logo this year is a pretzel shaped like the Star of David, and the motto promises “Great Films, with a little...

No. 1 box-office draw ‘42’ illustrates Harrison Ford’s star status

The story of Jackie Robinson has been told in the movies before, notably in a low-budget 1950 effort called, reasonably enough, The Jackie Robinson...

‘Color of Stars’ Childsplay’s salute to smalltown America

To celebrate its 35th birthday, Childsplay, the resident theater company for young people at Tempe Center for the Arts, is once again doing a...