Coyotes relying on coming to terms with Tempe for new arena and entertainment district

The ice on which the Coyotes skate isn’t getting any thicker, and if the Tempe deal falls through, their future in the Valley could go with it.

5 a.m. arrival of work crew reminded us how thankful we are to live in U.S.

We know our country isn’t perfect, but we also know there’s nowhere else we’d rather be.

Area pastors share message of hope from Easter after a challenging year

Pastors of several Tempe and West Chandler churches to share their Easter messages.

Passover message: Path to freedom, renewal after shackles of plague

At Passover, Jews EAT a story, the great story at the center of our people: We were enslaved; now we are free.

I am grateful for my Irish heritage that created a lifetime of ‘the ties that bind’

Every year on March 17, I don green, munch on a little Irish soda bread and think of all the loved ones who have gone before me and paved the way to this very moment of my life.

Rough night in Rolls led to lucrative business, aiding kids – and level lawn

Wonderful St. Patrick’s Day memories shared of children who brought true blessing and understanding of real joy of living.

How Wrangler News faces new realities yet retains hometown flavor

At Wrangler News, we're career print journalists who have adjusted to the industry shift to the cyber world -- along with you -- and we're proud of our robust website,, as well as our Facebook page.

Neighborhood light display marks Jewish celebration of Hanukkah

A towering dreidel, Stars of David and menorahs in green laser lights outside a West Chandler home make it clear: Hanukkah, the annual Jewish eight-day celebration, is at hand.
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