A daughter’s memories of a dad who saw the best in others

With Fathers’ Day right around the corner, my mind naturally turns to my own father, the man who taught me how to love, how...

Tempe first to combine strategies to learn how water sources can affect our public...

Commentary by Jennifer Adams Tempe has a long history of leaning forward into challenges. Our community is built on doing what some might think is...

One of our all-time fave employees is gone, but not likely to be forgotten

“So are you a Corona guy?” He asked me as if we’d known each other for years and were just catching up.

Humility: Is this the story behind Tempe’s enviable claim to livability?

As reporters and editors, one of the lessons we learn early on is where to go for the information we need. While certain kinds...

Tempe Center for the Arts hosts all-day Draw-a-Thon for kids, families

Feeling a bit artistic? The Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts  will host its annual Draw-A-Thon, digitally this year, Saturday, June 20 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Commentary by Aaron Thompson: Growing up black in a white America

Editor’s note: The killing of George Floyd sparked more than outrage and riots; it also called forth soul-searching on the part of Americans seeking...

TUHSD Superintendent Mendivil on closure of schools due to pandemic

In the weeks leading up to the eventual state-wide school closures, I - like so many others in leadership positions - grappled with how closure would affect our students, families, teachers, and staff.

Arizonans’ pioneering spirit can help build confidence in return to normalcy

Commentary by Mark Stewart Gov. Ducey’s plan to reopen the economy is moving forward and people are eager to learn how they can begin the...

Tempe’s virtual classes lend tangible reality to those stuck at home

By Jennifer Adams Right now, as you read this, I know you are at home. Maybe you are settled in on the couch, in...

This is truly local journalism. You can help us keep it that way.

By Don Kirkland For the many of you who have phoned, emailed, visited our offices or stopped to talk with us when we’re out covering stories to...