Arietty’ already Top 10-bound

Even if, like me, you’re not an especially big fan of the Japanese anime style, don’t miss The Secret World of Arietty. We’re only...

Some ‘oldies’ your sweetheart will love on that special day

Compilation by M.V. Moorhead Once again Valentine’s Day is upon us, and once again I’m going to take it upon myself to make a few...

Student production challenges creative, technical ingenuity

Story by M.V. Moorhead Even in these cooler months, Tempe seems pretty far away from rural Maine. But playgoers can get a breath of cool wintry New England air...

Outstanding high school flutists to perform at MCC’s Arts Center

The most outstanding high school flutists from Arizona were selected by audition to form a unique flute orchestra as Mesa Community College and Desert Echoes Flute Project (DEF) present the first annual All-Arizona Flute Choir.

Teachers earn star power in iconic film gems

By M.V. Moorhead After a short, hot summer—in Arizona it’s the warm-up, of course, to a long, hot fall— back-to-school time has rolled around...

‘Moonstruck’ a perfect pick for your Valentine

A woman falls in love with her fiancé’s estranged brother. An aging, successful businessman cheats on his wife. These are the plot and subplot, respectively,...

19th annual Jewish fi lmfest to focus on U.S. show biz icons

By M.V. Moorhead The logo this year is a pretzel shaped like the Star of David, and the motto promises “Great Films, with a little...

Smurf redux

The third entry in Sony’s Smurf series focuses on Smurfette, the lone female among the tiny blue-skinned residents of Smurf Village.

‘Fist Fight’ Foul comedy with a small, redeeming bit of drama

Charlie Day is Andy Campbell, a milquetoast English teacher at an underfunded, underachieving, metal-detector-enclosed high school.

‘Due Date’ chaotic but still boasts worthy acting

An uptight guy is forced to travel across America with an obnoxious guy. That’s the simple, and by no means original, premise of the...