Solid performances, witty plot ‘Guaranteed’ here

Source material for film has ranged from, at the prestigious end, masterpieces of world literature and drama and momentous historical events, down the slide...

Cassette tapes enjoying a comeback, thanks to Tempe group

By Chase Kamp While the music industry continues to suffer from drooping annual sales figures, the resurgence of the vinyl record format has provided a beacon of hope. MP3s...

Diversions… with M.V. Moorhead

Father of Yuletide classic comes to life in screenplay

Diversions with M.V. Moorhead

A few flaws but Hamill emerges as ‘Shakespearean’

‘Meek’s Cutoff’ a beautifully crafted survival tale, but ending falls short

If you’ve ever had any romantic notions of being a covered-wagon pioneer on the American frontier, Meek’s Cutoff will be happy to disabuse you...

Some sound advice for hot-weather meal prep: Stay cool

In August 2002, when we first moved to the Valley, we had the brilliant, moneysaving idea of keeping our Thermostat set to 90 degrees.

Despite advent of CGI, Harryhausen is still remembered for his genius

One of my best friends called me from back east this month, seriously in tears, to tell me that Ray Harryhausen has passed on,...

Monster mash-up stars season’s usual favorites

October is here at last—my favorite month, when the weather in Arizona at long last cools down, and monster-movie season heats up. This season,...

Filmmaker’s stunt turns into winning formula for ‘Pride and Prejudice’—and Zombies—spin-off

Back in 2009 Jane Austen collaborated with another young writer. A fellow named Seth Grahame-Smith added cannibal ghouls and martial arts action scenes to Austen’s 1813 masterpiece Pride and Prejudice, and called the results Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.