Northrop Grumman, Intel help launch kids on a race for future

HAVING A BLAST, KID STYLE — The scientists of today, representing Intel and Northrup Grumman, provided some high-energy inspiration to the young scientists of...
Tempe Center for Arts at dusk in front of Tempe Town Lake

New ticket pricing at TCA brings savings

By Wrangler News Staff Tempe Center for the Arts is venturing into a new, collaborative approach to subscription ticket sales this season. Aimed at developing...

Animated ‘Ralph’ one of genre’s 2012 bests

When your name is Wreck-It Ralph and you no longer want to wreck things—well, what you got there is an existential drama. The title character...

Krasinski-Martindale mashup lends heart to American-family tale ‘The Hollars’

The Hollars — Even though the small-town middle American family of the title isn’t especially prone to raising their voices, the name somehow fits just the same.

Famed amusement park gives birth to comic duo, and to a lifetime of wondrous...

Editor’s note: Kyle Maki helped guide Wrangler News for almost 15 years, during which he matured from high school graduate, to four years at...

Stuffing your Turkey Day with some DVDs? Try these tasty treats.

There are countless well-loved Christmas movies, but Thanksgiving movies are a rarity. I’m not much of a fan of 1995’s Home for the Holidays,...

Flagstaff ‘Hulabaloo’ draws Tempe, Chandler participants

Photographer Billy Hardiman headed to the cool country over the weekend for Flagstaff’s Hullabaloo celebration, an annual community festival that has raised over $75,000...

Convergence of milestones again puts popular musician in limelight

Story by Georgia Swing Photo by Billy Hardiman Singer-songwriter Walt Richardson looks back at 35 years of entertaining Tempe audiences and says he feels like he’s just beginning. For...

Silly plot doesn’t take the shine from latest in Ocean’s series

The Ocean this time is Debbie, sister of Danny Ocean. Just paroled, Debbie, played by Sandra Bullock, starts assembling a crew for a modest little heist: The Met Gala in Manhattan.

A coming-of-age bow for Phoenix film celebration

In many cultures, the 18th birthday is a big deal, the serious coming of age birthday. Phoenix Film Festival turns 18 this year, and does indeed seem to be making the leap to the next level.