Dining out: Despite some plusses, few seem drawn to lakefront venue

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon in July, too hot to go outside, so I’m sitting around with my family, enjoying a quiet lunch.

‘Super-villainy’ as real in life as in film depiction

Just as it was difficult to discuss 2008’s The Dark Knight out of the shadow of the heartbreaking loss of Heath Ledger, so it’s...

Theater students bring tap-dancing favorite ’42nd street’ to Marcos stage

42nd Street, a memorable tap-dancing musical based on the novel by Bradford Ropes, will be presented March 6 through 9 by members of the...

Sean Connery 1930-2020

While Sean Connery may be remembered at least as much for his fine post-James Bond work as for his driving Aston Martins, deploying double entendre and flirting with Miss Moneypenny, he still is the best of the Bonds.

Film Fare: Streep reaches a high note in comedic ’40s docu-singoff

Florence Foster Jenkins—The title character was a much-loved patron of the New York classical music scene who loved to sing.

Robert Forster: Recalling a memorable encounter

By M.V. Moorhead Robert Forster passed on recently, at 78. Even though his hair had recently gone gray and thinner, the verve and sharp...

The BFG: Definitely not Spielberg’s best, but Rylance is a ‘Big Friendly Deal’ nonetheless

The title stands for “Big Friendly Giant,” and the title character is just that—a pleasant colossus (Mark Rylance) whose job is deliver pleasant dreams.

For jazz notable, venture is ‘a hobby on steroids’

Lakeshore Music, Inc., not only presents world-class jazz programming at the TCA, but also provides innovative workshops and master class opportunities for promising middle and high school music students throughout the community.

W. Chandler medical firm traces its roots to U.K. beginnings

By Sammie Ann Wicks It’s the classic 20th-century American immigrant’s tale: young man, full of ambition and wanderlust, casts his eyes across the Atlantic, and resolves...

Celebrating Chinese New Year: Pass the moon-cakes, please

Story & photo by M.V. Moorhead Once upon a time I didn’t know the significance of a red envelope. Nor did I know what moon-cakes...