20 years after 9/11, community leaders reflect on that fateful day, share messages for countrymen

The 20th annual Tempe Healing Field tribute is running Sept. 10-12 at Tempe Beach Park.

Chandler Museum presents memorial to ‘Day that Changed World’ on 20th anniversary of attacks

The touring exhibition, “September 11, 2001: The Day That Changed the World,” is on display Sept. 11-Oct. 10 at the Chandler Museum, 300 S. Chandler Village Drive.

Even during COVID-19 pandemic, appearances still count at Sea of Beauty Med Spa in South Tempe

Tempe beauty shop owner Cecilia Brown finds that owning a small business provides flexibility that enhances her family-work balance.

The honor is theirs: Marcos de Niza’s growing AP program driven by renewed thirst for learning

The AP Scholars program at Marcos de Niza High, spearheaded by two teachers, is beginning to gain credibility and attract new members.

Actor Sean Penn’s painfully believable portrayal adds some redeeming value to R-rated ‘Flag Day’

Film Fare . . . with M.V. Moorhead Based on Jennifer Vogel’s 2004 memoir Flim-Flam Man, "Flag Day" is roughly the zillionth telling of one of the perennial American dramas: The relationship with...

Hartke to address W. Chandler HOA issues during neighborhood forum at Tumbleweed Rec Center

Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke will discuss the needs of residents of homeowners associations during a neighborhood meeting on Sept. 14 at Tumbleweed Recreation Center.
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