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Wrangler News is a family owned, community-based newspaper published every other Saturday throughout the year. Our news, photo and feature-story coverage is targeted exclusively toward the neighborhoods of Tempe and West Chandler, where we have lived and published for more than three decades. Our driveway and rack distribution reaches a readership of more than 25,000 as calculated by national standards. We believe in the concept of providing family- and community-friendly content, much like our parents remember from their earliest newspaper days. We are supported entirely by local advertising revenue, and we work hard to ensure that those advertisers get the best possible results from their marketing dollars. We know the community—its schools, churches, government agencies, and people—because they’re both neighbors and friends. And, of course, we continue to move aggressively into the digital, online future with robust web, Facebook, Twitter and other social media initiatives. We hope you enjoy what you see, as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Now and into the years that lie ahead.

Don Kirkland


Don Kirkland realized in elementary school that his future would revolve around the written word. His first newspaper job was with a small L.A.-area daily whose publisher demanded the kind of journalistic integrity that ultimately led him to be the admired press director for both a governor and a U.S. President. Don later was employed by Times-Mirror Corp. and, in Arizona, was executive editor of the Mesa Tribune after its purchase by a major East Coast chain. He founded Wrangler News 30 years ago and has dedicated his work to preserving the vital role of community newspapers.


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