Latest Pixar offering delves intriguingly into human mind

Get M.V. Moorhead's take on the new Pixar film, "Inside Out," as well as the latest Steven Spielberg movie, "Jurassic World."

‘Death Cure’ yet another in post-apocalyptic yarns of late

Well, that would be an impressive medical breakthrough, wouldn’t it?

Whether iconic white rabbit or grisly disaster victim, costume designer revels in creative joys,...

Sometimes it’s a talking white rabbit, sometimes it’s a disaster victim. When you’re a costume designer, you can just never be sure who you’ll be asked to dress next.

Krasinski-Martindale mashup lends heart to American-family tale ‘The Hollars’

The Hollars — Even though the small-town middle American family of the title isn’t especially prone to raising their voices, the name somehow fits just the same.

1950s-era birth of McDonald’s burger empire shines light on Ray Krock’s successes, foibles

Near the beginning of this chronicle history of the McDonald’s empire, we get a look at the hamburger stand in San Bernardino, Calif., that started the chain.

Our movie guru offers his picks for this year’s Best Oscar Pix

For the shortest month in the calendar, we ask a lot of February. It’s devoted to love, and to commemorating our great presidents, and...

Ozomatli brings multicultural message of unity to Tempe show

Ozomatli guitarist and singer Raul Pacheco, asked over the phone about how his band manages to couch serious messages inside dance-ready songs, nicely sums up the band’s musical and political philosophy.

Lookin’ for Lost Gold in all the right places . . . they hope!

The lure of lost gold runs deep in Josh and Jesse Feldman’s blood. At least as deep as their father’s, anyway: Ron Feldman became...

Severely hurt Valley police officer salutes U.S. military veterans

Brenda Valdez, decked out in a red, white and blue blouse, remembers a husband who was only 16 or 17 when he fibbed his way into military service after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Spielberg was ‘Ready’ for another crowd pleaser

Human society is run down and slummy, but most people don't care that much because they spend most of their time in virtual reality anyway.