Stuffing your Turkey Day with some DVDs? Try these tasty treats.

There are countless well-loved Christmas movies, but Thanksgiving movies are a rarity. I’m not much of a fan of 1995’s Home for the Holidays,...

Diversions… with M.V. Moorhead

Father of Yuletide classic comes to life in screenplay

What would Turkey Day be without some video faves?

There are countless well-loved Christmas movies, but Thanksgiving movies are a rarity.

‘Dolphin’ tale a quixotic charmer

“From the studios and producers of The Blind Side.” That’s how Dolphin Tale is being marketed. This may strike you as a tenuous aesthetic...

Celebrating Chinese New Year: Pass the moon-cakes, please

Story & photo by M.V. Moorhead Once upon a time I didn’t know the significance of a red envelope. Nor did I know what moon-cakes...

Brobdingnagian-size truck can squeeze into tight spaces

Next time you’re driving along one of Tempe’s streets and a behemoth utility truck looms alongside, don’t worry that an alien mothership has landed.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s version of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland is a dazzling 3-D visual spectacle that defines the word “fantastic.” From the moment Alice...

Krasinski-Martindale mashup lends heart to American-family tale ‘The Hollars’

The Hollars — Even though the small-town middle American family of the title isn’t especially prone to raising their voices, the name somehow fits just the same.

Convergence of milestones again puts popular musician in limelight

Story by Georgia Swing Photo by Billy Hardiman Singer-songwriter Walt Richardson looks back at 35 years of entertaining Tempe audiences and says he feels like he’s just beginning. For...

‘Meek’s Cutoff’ a beautifully crafted survival tale, but ending falls short

If you’ve ever had any romantic notions of being a covered-wagon pioneer on the American frontier, Meek’s Cutoff will be happy to disabuse you...