A hands-on approach to opioids misuse

Imagine the pain. It's chronic, ongoing, and governs every waking moment.

Handy guide for parents to help ensure their family’s July 4 safety

While some types of fireworks are legal to sell and purchase at local businesses, Chandler Fire officials say the use and misuse of fireworks can lead to personal injury, injury to others, harm to pets, property damage and destruction of the environment.

Area M.D.: Keep an eye on fireworks safety

As a 10-year-old growing up in the Midwest, Jon Konti remembers the anticipation that started weeks before the July 4th holiday— those big industrial-strength skyrockets set off at the hometown stadium, the secretly purchased Chinese firecrackers that some of his buddies somehow mysteriously acquired, even the hand-held sparklers that offered an always exciting, though presumably harmless, thrill.

Area teens’ European visit opens a frightening window to terror

In a globalized world of increasing inter-connectedness, the ripple effect caused by what once might have been considered distant events grows wider each day.

Advice to fellow dads: Teaching kids is never a chore

Tonio Hernandez Jr. jumps into the air, grabbing onto the pull-up bar, as his father, Antonio Sr., catches and steadies his his body in

For volunteer Y coach, every day is Father’s Day

Every day is Father's Day for Tim Brotherton, Tempe Family YMCA coach and father to 11-year-old Regan.

Drive hammered, get nailed

The recent Memorial Day weekend gave Tempe, Chandler and other Valley police agencies a chance to raise motorists’ awareness to the dangers of alcohol- and substance-related driving — and to make sure violators know of the strict penalties contained in Arizona's DUI laws, some of the toughest in the nation.

Driving home the value of books

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell, Valley Metro CEO Scott Smith, Curry Elementary School Principal Ken White, Valley Metro Bus Operator Jermaine Bethea and Curry Elementary...

Desert splendor blooms despite heat

Tempe and West Chandler residents are gearing up for another Arizona summer, prompting the staff at Desert Botanical Garden to suggest ways to explore the beauty of the desert while staying cool and safe, even during the hottest months.

Terror attack vs concert-goers prompts renewed vigilance

Though Manchester, England lies more than 5,000 miles from Tempe, a deadly terror attack there last month following a concert has grabbed worldwide attention, including that of Sgt. Josie Montenegro and fellow officers at the Tempe Police Department.