Letter to our Wrangler News advertisers about our continuing commitment to the community


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Editor’s note: The letter below is being sent to our Wrangler News advertisers this week. It is reproduced here for you because we believe you would want to know of our continuing commitment to providing a quality, family-friendly publication here in Tempe and West Chandler.

Our latest issue of Wrangler News is now being printed and will soon be delivered to driveways, businesses, schools, churches and news racks in Tempe and West Chandler.

Wrangler News is here for you, as always, with your community’s news, features and information.

With this edition, however, we want you to be aware that the legalization of recreational marijuana approved in Tuesday’s election will not change our long-held, continuing commitment to producing a family-friendly publication that we feel reflects the values of our readers.

We do not plan to accept—nor have we in the past—advertisements for cannabis, for the same reason we have declined to print or profit from ads that promote adult businesses or those we believe do not meet the standards of our readers.

We deeply appreciate the support of our advertisers and want you to know that we are doing everything we can to help create awareness of your brand and help ensure the success of your endeavors.

In order to honor that commitment, however, we need assistance from loyal customers like you as well as your colleagues, neighbors and friends to help us keep the presses running. Please spread the word about Wrangler News’ solid reporting, light-hearted fare, intensely local content you won’t find anywhere else, and, as always, great customer service.

We know you care about Wrangler News and its constant commitment to delivering the news that matters to you, right here in our neighborhood.

Please accept our deepest appreciation for helping us during what has been a difficult year in our town and beyond.


Joyce Coronel, Editor of Wrangler News


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