Relief centers provide shoes, water bowls to protect Bella during summer

This summer, heat relief centers across Maricopa County will be equipped with new dog shoes and water bowls to help keep dogs healthy and safe, based on funding approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 13.

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The program supplements a multi-partner, county-wide heat preparedness effort already under way in response to another summer of possible record-breaking heat deaths.
From May 1 to Sept. 30, emergency cooling centers and water distribution areas will be established at various community centers, churches and community organizations to provide refuge for those who lack access to indoor, cool environments.

Specific locations for relief centers in Tempe and West Chandler have not yet been announced. County officials say locations of those sites should be announced May

“Offering dog shoes and water bowls at these centers will be a tremendous help for people trying to keep their dogs hydrated and protected from paw burns,” said Supervisor Thomas Galvin. The purchase of dog supplies is being funded using $8,000 of Maricopa County Community Solutions Funding allocated through Oct. 31.The Supervisors’ Community Solutions Funding is designed to help advance Maricopa County’s strategic goals and provide benefits for Maricopa County residents.

For tips on how to stay safe in extreme heat and find a nearby cooling center visit



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