Chandler July 4th fireworks return to Tumbleweed Park; if you use your own at home, know laws and safety tips

Chandler’s July 4th Fireworks Spectacular, a drive-in style Independence Day celebration, returns this year at Tumbleweed Park, 2250 S. McQueen Road. Gates open at 7 p.m. The 20-minute display begins at 9. – file photo

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With COVID-19 restrictions now relaxed and the public eager to resume normalcy, Chandler is giving it an opportunity as it presents its July 4th Fireworks Spectacular, a drive-in style Independence Day celebration, at Tumbleweed Park.

Fireworks are to begin promptly at 9 p.m. at the park, 2250 S. McQueen Road, on the southwestern corner of McQueen and Germann roads, for the approximately 20-minute display.

“This year’s fireworks show will continue to give the community an opportunity to have fun while responsibly staying safe and celebrating our nation’s independence,” said Hermelinda Llamas, the city’s special-events coordinator. “We’re excited to be able to offer our community family entertainment in a time when togetherness is so important.”

The party in the park requires a $5 parking pass, which must be purchased at

The parking area, with a limited number of spots, will open at 7 p.m.

–Chandler map

Parking will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Drivers are asked to review the parking map to select a preferred entrance and seating area. Vehicles can enter the park from Germann Road at Hamilton Street or from McQueen Road at Celebration Way.

Parkgoers may sit in truck beds as well as immediately in front of, to the side of, or behind their vehicle in folding chairs, or in the nearby grass area.

Food trucks and street-fare vendors will be available for food and beverage purchase. All snack food and non-alcoholic drinks are pay-as-you-go.

Public restrooms will be open inside the park.


Fire Dept. urges respect for laws, safety if you use your own fireworks at home

Caution is urged when using fireworks during the holidays. –Chandler Fire Department photo

For those celebrating the Fourth at home with their own fireworks, Chandler Fire Department Battalion Chief Keith Welch urges them to know the rules covering the sale, purchase and use of fireworks within Chandler city limits during the Independence Day holiday.

The Fire Department reminds residents that while some types of fireworks are legal to sell and purchase at local businesses, the use, misuse and improper storage of fireworks can lead to personal injury, injury to others, harm to pets, property damage and destruction of the environment.

Under Arizona law, the sale of permissible consumer fireworks is allowed May 20 through July 6, as well as Dec. 10 through Jan. 3 and April 25 through May 6. The use of permissible consumer fireworks is allowed on private property, with the permission of the property owner June 24 through July 6, as well as Dec. 24 through Jan. 3 and May 4 through May 6.

Chandler prohibits the use of fireworks in any city park.

There are specific rules for each of three categories of fireworks: display, consumer and novelty.

  • Display fireworks shoot into or through the air and may detonate. These include the aerial devices that you typically see at large public special events. They are not legal to sell to consumers and are not legal to use at any time in Chandler without a special-event permit. Similar fireworks, including those that contain a higher percentage of black powder, such as M-80s, firecrackers, Roman candles and bottle rockets, also are illegal.
  • Consumer fireworks do not go into the air or explode. Some types of consumer fireworks are now legal in Arizona to sell to those 16 and older. These fireworks must be marked with either “Consumer Fireworks” or “1.4 G Fireworks” labels, and they include ground-based and spinning sparkling devices.
  • The most-popular novelty fireworks – snappers, snap caps, glow worms, snakes, party poppers, toy smoke devices and sparklers – are not regulated and can be sold and used anywhere in Chandler. At retail locations these must be labeled as “Novelty Fireworks.” It’s important to note that even the common “sparkler” burns at a very high temperature and can cause severe burns if mishandled.

Fireworks sales are allowed in certain types of retail locations, including temporary tents or structures. Chandler Fire Prevention Specialists work with these local businesses to ensure that their fireworks are displayed in the proper manner with appropriate signage and do not exceed allowable limits.

If Chandler residents see fireworks being sold or used inappropriately, they may report violations to the Chandler Police Department non-emergency phone number, 480-782-4130. The Police Department can issue citations that could include a civil penalty of $1,000.

Additional fireworks information and safety tips: Chandler Fire Department website.



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