The tasty treats of Christmas stir sweet memories of another time


Photos by Billy Hardiman for Wrangler News

What makes the holiday season so special?

Family, friends, our places of worship and, of course, those lovingly created treats.

There’s nothing better than a mid-afternoon snitch of a couple of cookies or other holiday-time sweet treats.

And for those whose growing-up years meant special meals, artfully prepared for the holiday season, no Christmas was complete without the tradition of home-baked bread and muffins.

It was one of the ways Mom instilled in her brood an appreciation for the good things in life — including sitting at the table together, sharing stories and saving what was to become a lifetime of memories.

And, of course, the chance to reconnect with those who never seem to forget one of their most enjoyable times of the year.

In our community, places like Great Harvest Bakery in South Tempe, whose crew is shown in these photos, can do the heavy lifting for those who either don’t have the time or the white-flour thumb to have it all turn out just right.



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