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Tempe City Hall – Photo courtesy City of Tempe

The following commentaries represent Wrangler News’ commitment to providing our readers with information from which to decide on candidates for Tempe City Council and Mayoral races, ballots for which go in the mail on Wednesday, Feb. 12. Last day to register is Monday, Feb. 10. We hope you’ll find these profiles useful in making decisions that affect your and our city’s future . . .


Casey Clowes

Casey Clowes is a caring and passionate Tempe advocate who has spent her personal and professional life working to improve the lives of others. Casey is running for Tempe City Council to pursue more equitable solutions to modern challenges, ensure Tempe is a great place to live for families and seniors, and foster sustainable communities.

Casey will bring an analytical approach and a fresh perspective to the Council. Casey’s passion for advocacy was shaped by Tempe. She graduated from Corona del Sol High School and attended Arizona State University for her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

At ASU, Casey pursued a degree focused on community issues and service, receiving her BS in Public Service and Public Policy. Casey went on to receive her JD at ASU Law because of her desire to advance innovative solutions to current issues by bridging the gap between legal realities and community needs.

Casey continues to serve Tempe by sharing her love of the law, leadership, and civic engagement. She serves as the Faith and Non-Profit Subcommittee Chair on the City of Tempe’s 2020 Census Complete Count Committee, an advisor for Alpha Gamma Delta at ASU, and a volunteer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Casey envisions a Tempe that promotes justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. As a member of the Tempe City Council, Casey Clowes will carry on Tempe’s tradition of excellent public service by working to build sustainable communities, ensuring Tempe is the best place to live for residents of all ages, and by giving families the resources they need to thrive.

Doreen Garlid

I am a longtime resident of south Tempe and I’ve raised my four children here. I’m ready to move into the next phase of my life and put my 30 years of community leadership experience to work for the residents of Tempe.

I believe my extensive leadership resume is what really sets me apart from the other council candidates. I’ve served in more than a dozen notable leadership roles, bringing diverse people together in collaboration for positive change.

My leadership resume includes everything from serving as the president of my children’s school parent- teacher organizations to the current chair of the Tempe Neighborhood Advisory Commission. Being your city council member would be my only job and I plan to use my time to really listen and connect with residents to ensure their voices are heard.

My top three priorities in this council race are giving neighborhoods a voice, making public safety a priority, and advocating for more affordable housing. I envision Tempe as a thriving and dynamic city with character, where the residents’ wishes come first, people feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods, and everyone can find an affordable place to live.
I am also a strong advocate for local businesses, historic preservation, supporting our city’s veterans and taking action on climate change.

I am a proud member of the Navajo Nation and would be deeply honored to be the first to bring that very important perspective to our council. I have the endorsement of our firefighters, police, Tempe Chamber of Commerce and many well- respected community leaders.

More information: garlidfortempe.com.

Randy Keating

During my first term, I’ve been laser-focused on improving the quality of life for all Tempeans. I’ve served on 26 working groups, which is over 2.5x as many as any other councilmember.

This was a very deliberate decision on my part, as there is no onboarding process or training for a new councilmember, and it can be very much like drinking from a fire hose. I wanted to take on as much as I could, so I could learn as quickly as possible how to be the most effective councilmember I could be for my city.

It was a baptism by fire, and it worked.

I’ve worked on issues that matter to Tempeans, and done so in a way that prioritized compromise and consensus over conflict. My approach has proven to be very effective, and I’ve made a difference in everything from traffic, homelessness, revitalizing our parks, repairing our roads, protecting our neighborhoods, public safety, economic development, animal welfare, and maintaining the highest quality city services.

We’ve accomplished a lot in only one term, but there is still more work to do. Tempe is still heading in such a positive direction and I believe we need pragmatic, inclusive, and thoughtful leadership to continue our upward trajectory. Tempe’s future is bright, and we need the kind of leaders who can take us there, together.

I ask you, Tempe, to give me the honor of a second term. There is still a lot of work to be done, and with your help, I know we can make our city even better.

Marc Norman

Marc Norman for Tempe City Council 2020 “The residents of Tempe deserve better. I will give the voters’ voices the weight they deserve.”

Marc Norman is not your typical politician. If you are looking for a different voice, he is your candidate. Over the last three decades Marc Norman has been active in the Tempe community dealing the relevant issues we face day-to- day.

Marc will continue by: Combatting the Homeless Epidemic by creating and encouraging programs that give those who are struggling a second chance, and measuring those that currently receive money to ensure it is well spent.

Requiring Responsible Growth by compelling developers to give back to the communities in which they build, and making decision with a long term focus, not a short term bump in revenue.

Investing in the Community by expanding programs that encourage the artistic development of Tempe and allowing the creative soul of the city to flourish and thrive.



Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell is a third-generation Arizonan with deep roots in the Tempe community. Mayor Mitchell is a native of Tempe, attending elementary and middle school in the community before graduating from McClintock High School and Arizona State University.

During his time as Mayor, Mark has strengthened Tempe’s local economy by working to attract new businesses.

Since his election in May 2012, Tempe has added over 33,000 jobs and overseen over $2.7 billion in private investment. Mitchell has overseen City-wide investments in Tempe neighborhoods. Over the next five years, $140 million will go toward updating Tempe streets and revitalizing neighborhood parks and playgrounds, with a focus on safety, accessibility, and the desires of each individual community.

Mayor Mitchell is also committed to maintaining and improving Tempe’s world-class assets like Tempe Town Lake, working with law enforcement to ensure that Tempe is made up of safe neighborhoods, and to providing a transparent city government. Mayor Mitchell has served on numerous boards and charitable organizations, including the Kiwanis Club of Tempe, Tempe Diablos, and Tempe Sister Cities. Mitchell is on the Board of Directors of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Mayor Mitchell serves as the City of Tempe’s representative and the Chair of the Maricopa Association of Government’s Regional Council and Regional Council Executive Committee.

Mayor Mitchell is continuing his family’s legacy in public service. His father, Harry Mitchell, was Mayor of Tempe from 1978 to 1994 and served on the City Council for more than 24 years. Mark has two daughters that he is raising in his hometown.

Corey Woods

I’m Corey Woods, and I’m running to become the next Mayor of our great city. I’m a 17-year Tempe resident and have served in a variety of leadership roles in both the non-profit and education sectors including eight years on the Tempe City Council. I’m running for Mayor because it’s time for change.

Over the past decade, Tempe has experienced dynamic growth. With that growth comes real challenges. I have the vision, experience and leadership ability necessary to address these challenges, facilitate difficult conversations, and lead Tempe into the future. My platform is straightforward: We must immediately produce an actionable plan to fix our serious traffic issues. We must address our challenges with homelessness head-on.

We need to create more affordable housing opportunities to ensure that people from different backgrounds can live in Tempe, from young adults to senior citizens who want to age in place. We must encourage responsible growth with a focus on supporting local entrepreneurs and protecting existing neighborhoods.

During my time on the City Council I earned a reputation of being a consensus builder and an accessible, proactive leader. I’m proud to have earned the endorsements of Vice Mayor Lauren Kuby, Sen. Sean Bowie, Hon. Neil Giuliano, Hon. Hugh Hallman, Hon. Onnie Shekerjian, Hon. Pam Goronkin, Hon. Linda Spears, Hon. David Schapira, Hon. Barb Carter, Hon. Hut Hutson, and Hon. Shana Ellis; along with many neighborhood leaders and entrepreneurs from all corners of Tempe.

Please visit coreyfortempe.com to learn more. I ask for your vote so we can position Tempe for its brightest future.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to an inadvertent delay in Joel Navarro’s campaign staff submitting the requested statement and photo in time for publication, both will be included with our
Feb. 8 edition and as part of the pre-election coverage available via our digital resources here, at wranglernews.com.


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