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The Kyrene Corridor is a great place to call home. Our community is comprised of the stories of people and their achievements, their labors and their dreams, no matter how small they may seem. And little community newspapers like ours play an important role in sharing these stories with our neighbors.

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In most cities, the big media outlets typically have enough staff to keep their eyes and ears on the street for “breaking news.” But what’s big in our neighborhoods isn’t necessarily what’s big on a more global scale.

That’s why we rely on our daily travels, and your familiarity with what’s going on near you, to generate ideas and updates about the big stories—or the small ones—that are important to you; in other words, the things you want to read about in Wrangler News.

The man we profiled, and who was featured on the cover of our last issue, spent a year of his life exploring the Grand Canyon. He had been prodded by his wife to call us but, like many we encounter, thought it was no big deal and that no one would really be interested in hearing his story. As it turned out, the story generated a considerable amount of feedback from quite a lot of fascinated readers.

Driving back and forth to work every day, I’m faced with a question about those concrete blocks going up in front of the Mission del Sol church on Warner Road.  All that construction seems to be taking shape into a new building, but does anyone know what it will be? We think our neighbors must be wondering, too.

I also noticed that the empty Bahama Breeze restaurant in west Chandler has been leveled. Does anyone know why, or what may be coming to that spot next?

We’ve heard, by the way, that some major changes are in the works for the Lake Country Village shopping center that’s at the same intersection as the new Lowe’s store on Rural Road at Baseline.

One of the developments we do know about (and, of course, are delighted to hear as an offset to news that has been consistently gloomy these past months), is that the Hunt ERA Lucas Group has moved its longtime real estate offices into an expansive new location in the McClintock Fountains center at McClintock and Rural. We’ve waited for the company’s new exterior signage to arrive (it now has) to cover the story and explain the rationale for this major investment in the future of real estate in our Kyrene Corridor.

Our neighborhoods are ever changing, and so are the people who live in them. We hope you’ll stay in touch with us, let us know what you want to read about, tell us the stories that make the people and places in our neighborhood unique.

This truly is an extraordinary community, and you can be the eyes and ears to tell us what’s happening. If you have something to share feel free to do so at (click on the button that says contact us) or call our office at (480) 966-0845 any time from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

If you’d like to contact me directly, send your email to

As always, we’ll look forward to hearing from you.



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