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One more reason to question the advisability of raising Arizona’s minimum wage

As often as I can, I try to attend local Chamber of Commerce programs, not only to see old friends and meet new ones but, as frequently happens, to broaden my awareness of current, topical issues.

For parents, maybe child-rearing should be an Olympian sport

Watching the Olympics is always entertaining, even if I’m not a big fan of whichever event presents itself on any given evening. I always find myself getting caught up in the action.

Facebook friend or real friend?

Is the world really so small? I was browsing my Facebook wall not long ago and began to wonder about all the posts I read on a daily basis.

Unveiling of new, ‘top secret’ school mascot will highlight 20-year anniversary event

Lisa Wonter remembers walking through the doors of Kyrene de la Mirada every day as she navigated her way through elementary school. Every morning promised a new discovery. Little did she know that,...

Signs of the times

“During the period beginning 60 days before a primary election and ending 15 days after the general election…, the City will not relocate or remove a political sign in the public right-of-way…”...

Can you see me as part of our increasingly digitized world? Well, frankly, iCan’t

I love my iPad. I’m addicted to my Kindle Fire. I admit it. But is electronic media really going to take over the world? My world? Sure, there is a time and...

Neighborhood News & Notes – Start of new school year offers each child a different path on the road of life

How can it be time for new lunch boxes and backpacks already? As I check off the supply list for each returning student in my house, I recall my own youth in...

Neighborhood News & Notes –

The Kyrene Corridor is a great place to call home. Our community is comprised of the stories of people and their achievements, their labors and their dreams, no matter how small they...

Tracy Doren