Author: Don Kirkland

A brief history of the difference between news and advertising. And why we don’t overlap them.

Going back once again to my days as a young reporter in L.A., I remember the barbed wire fence and machine-gun turrets that separated the advertising salespeople from those of us who comprised the news reporting staff.

With roots in their communities, newspapers still deliver

Once every month or so our mailbox holds a copy of the latest Editor & Publisher magazine, the U.S. newspaper industry’s bible that dates back to 1901 and, in my case, to the 1950s when I was a reporter for a couple of L.A.’s big dailies. I’ve skimmed the magazine’s pages for all those years but, admittedly, sometimes overlook it entirely.

Disaster close-up via a man who’s seen it all

Mark Moorehead may be 1,200 miles away and high and dry from the same raging torrents that inundated Houston and much of Florida, but he still can’t forget the often lifechanging results that nature can produce.

Tempe’s LED overhead lights bring a bright new view to city streets

During the last few years, LED lighting has been popping up on store shelves everywhere; now, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s bringing a bright new look to your neighborhood as well.

A longtime Wrangler friend moves on

We live in a constantly changing world: it’s what keeps life interesting, right?

25-plus years, and we’re growing again…

Many of our longtime readers — including those who still call us The Warner Wrangler — recall the days of our modest launch in 1990, when friends and family helped deliver those first editions to a few hundred driveways bordering Warner Road in Tempe.

Home-grown business: The heart of our community

For those of us who believe that supporting our community’s small businesses—the ones, that is, that have worked hard to earn our trust over the years—we worry a bit when we see so many corporate entities establishing a presence in our Tempe/West Chandler neighborhoods.

Lead toxicity in Tempe, Chandler water supplies declared at safe levels

Mounting concerns over lead in the water supplies of several U.S. cities have caused residents around the country to ask whether their water is safe.

Worker gets a ‘Lyft’ to his morale, finances during two-week furlough

When Dan Davis’ boss told him the company would be closing for two weeks for remodeling, he wasn’t sure he wanted to relocate temporarily to another Valley location, an option he got when the shutdown was announced.

Wrangler’s pathway to success: A road well traveled

If you’re thinking I’m going to talk in this column about the incredible financial milestones we’ve achieved in the past 25-plus years, let me set the record straight before you read further: We’ve been successful, yes, however not so much for the gold bullion in our bank account but for the personal rewards we’ve amassed as a result of helping countless young people take their first steps toward success.