Peat picks Stanford; others also sign

Corona athletes and their college picks include, from left, Zach Hamm, Colorado Mesa University; Avery Moss, University of Nebraska; Nicky Newcomb, Minot (S.D.) State; Andrus Peat, Stanford University; Nicholas Woods, Phoenix College. — Photo contributed by Kris Cartwright

Brother Todd Jr. and fellow football and basketball teammate Avery Moss will have to do without Andrus Peat at Nebraska next year.
The 6-foot-7, 290-pound offensive tackle has chosen to be one of Stanford University’s 16 national recruits, surprising experts who were predicting he would choose the Cornhuskers.
After receiving more than 30 scholarship offers, Andrus had narrowed his choice to Nebraska, USC and Stanford before announcing his final decision live on nationally televised ESPN, at his Tempe high school, Corona del Sol, in front of family, friends and teammates.
Andrus, second son of former NFL football player Todd Peat Sr., selected the school that he said he felt was best for him athletically and academically.
“I chose Stanford because the offense they run will be a good fit for my style of play,” said Andrus. “In addition, I’ve been working my whole life both academically and on the football field in order to get the opportunity to go to a school like Stanford, and I just couldn’t pass it up.”
Andrus was pleased about being accepted academically to Stanford.
“Only 7 percent of the people who apply get accepted,” Andrus said. “It felt really special to be one of the few who were admitted to such an outstanding school.”
Stanford is getting, in exchange, a strong athletic football player and an outstanding young man with the ability to only make its football program better.
“I work hard every day and I know how to be a leader,” said Andrus. “I think I’m a pretty special player on and off the field, and I can bring something dynamic to Stanford’s team.”
Andrus is undecided about what he will major in, but it will probably be something in the realm of business. And, yes, he has high hopes of someday following in his father’s footsteps.
“My ultimate goal would be to play in the NFL,” said Andrus. “Stanford has potentially four first round draft picks coming out this year, so it’s proven to be a good school for NFL recruitment and prestige.”
“But, if the NFL doesn’t work out or when I finish my football career, it will be great to have a degree from such an academically sound school to fall back on.”
About Corona basketball: Andrus’s decision to go to Stanford was not swayed by the fact that the Stanford coach, David Shaw, came to watch him play basketball. He does plan, with the rest of his basketball teammates, to bring home the Division I state basketball championship trophy later this month.
“At first I wasn’t going to play, but then Calaen, Avery, my brother, Cassius—even coach Duane—implored me to play because they thought I could really contribute to the team,” said Andrus.
“I came to the decision I wanted to try for a basketball state championship, even though I would be playing football in college and that’s exactly what we are doing,”



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