Cielo 1st-grade teacher among nine receiving national board certification

Susan Bryant

Longtime Kyrene del Cielo teacher Susan Bryant is one of nine Kyrene professionals this year to receive National Teacher Board Certification.

“It took about year, although it can take up to three years to get your certification,” Bryant said.

Bryant has been a first-grade teacher at Cielo for 20-plus years, and plans on staying there for the remainder of her career.

Kyrene Governing Board members honored all nine teachers who received their national certification during the last board meeting.

“I think what is really good about getting your certification is you analyze what you’re doing as a teacher,” Bryant said. “It kind of affirms what you do.”

Bryant said the application process was a worthwhile experience, allowing her to evaluate what her role is in the classroom.

“It definitely keeps you current with the educational research,” Bryant said. “It deepened my knowledge and skills, and enhanced my understanding of the teaching process.”

Bryant said she compiled videos for her application of her classroom and students.

“You submit a portfolio, and I compiled two 15-minute videos for mine,” she said. “One focused on math and science and how you integrate those, and one was on social studies and how you build a classroom community.”

The certification lasts for 10 years and takes the place of other states’ qualifications to become a teacher, Bryant said.

“It was a worthwhile experience and I received a lot of support from Kyrene,” she said. “I definitely encourage other teachers to apply for their national certification.”

Other Kyrene teachers who received their certification this year are Emily Mazer, Greg Broberg, Amy Dean, Chris Huch, Heather Proseus, Josclyn Taylor, Marcia Middleton and Tonia Muhs.



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