Lookin’ for Lost Gold in all the right places . . . they hope!

The lure of lost gold runs deep in Josh and Jesse Feldman’s blood. At least as deep as their father’s, anyway: Ron Feldman became...

Trapped at home with no place to go, Tempe Town Lake beckons

With temperatures soaring and cabin fever raging, Tempeans and others from across the Valley are turning to Tempe Town Lake for a cool time...

An era ends with the loss of Hugh Downs; we’ll definitely miss him

Even though he hailed from Ohio, over the last few decades Hugh Downs had become as much a fixture here in the Valley as...
VooDoo Daddy's new cajun food restaurant located in Tempe

Restaurant entrepreneur performs Voodoo magic—one more time

By M.V. Moorhead VooDoo Daddy’s is back—or maybe it would be more accurate to say it’s here for the first time, and potentially better than...

Dr. Seuss spinoff ‘The Lorax’ doesn’t conceal its bias

For those unfamiliar with The Lorax, the 1971 children’s book on which the new film Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is based: It’s an environmentalist parable...

Here’s a BBQ joint where you’re bound to get hooked

When it comes to fishing, catfish is the only one that’ll hook you, or so I was told by an old guy at a...

Smashing stuff becomes a big hit: New W. Chandler business says it’s all in...

By M.V. Moorhead Why is it that so many people enjoy smashing inanimate objects? Krysten Leach, owner and manager of Desert Smash AZ in West Chandler,...

New films may spur movie-goers in South Tempe and West Chandler

The story meanders, but the acting and left-field dialogue keep Kajillionaire coherent.

Kyrene del Norte alum hits ‘cloud nine’ with Best Short Film award at festival

Kyrene del Norte alum and film writer-director Johnny Ysaguirre, delivers an award-winning short film in "Nice Shirt."

March filmfest looks back at movies with a link to Tempe

By M.V. Moorhead Who knew that Tempe had such a long and varied movie career. As one might expect, the fine folks at Tempe History Museum did....