Photo Gallery: Wishing you a Merry Christmas, one picture at a time

From the slopes of Snowbowl where Santa escaped his ASU final exams, to the streets of Downtown Chandler where local friends gathered for a...

WATCH: Downtown Chandler widens its appeal to Friday night funlovers

By M.V. Moorhead Early in the morning these days, or even after dark, it’s comfortable to be outdoors. Sometimes in the middle of the day, clouds pass...

‘Hidden Figures’ unveils overt segregation rampant in America in the 1950s, ’60s

We tend to think of NASA as part of the “New Frontier” and “Camelot” and the general unembarrassed optimistic idealism we associate, accurately or...

Greater Phoenix 2019 filmfest stresses ‘Greater’

By M.V. Moorhead Now in its 23rd season, the Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival is light on the Phoenix and heavy on the “greater.” The annual...

Robert Forster: Recalling a memorable encounter

By M.V. Moorhead Robert Forster passed on recently, at 78. Even though his hair had recently gone gray and thinner, the verve and sharp...

Ant-Man’s antics serve up hilarious moments in pursuit of biting comedy

Conspicuously absent from the cosmic struggles of April’s Avengers: Infinity War was AntMan.

Jewish film festival comes to Chandler Harkins

According to the Book of Exodus, after leaving Egypt the Jews spent 40 years in the desert. As of this year, the Greater Phoenix Film Festival is more than half way to the same tenure in this different desert.

Rising country-pop singer makes a new home in the Valley

Whitney Fenimore has been watched by 15 million pairs of eyeballs on national television. She’s sung in front of Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton. She got to hear Adam Levine from Maroon 5 call her voice “powerful” in front of a studio audience.

No. 1 box-office draw ‘42’ illustrates Harrison Ford’s star status

The story of Jackie Robinson has been told in the movies before, notably in a low-budget 1950 effort called, reasonably enough, The Jackie Robinson...

Search under way for relics of bygone eras

by Chase Kamp If one could put Tempe on a turntable and drop the needle, the sound would contain the charge of ‘90s alternative rock, the bombast of big...