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2020: During pandemic, the show went on in a very weird year for film

In 2020, it was, for most of us, vastly truncated moviegoing in a weird year for film..

Kyrene del Norte alum hits ‘cloud nine’ with Best Short Film award at festival

Kyrene del Norte alum and film writer-director Johnny Ysaguirre, delivers an award-winning short film in "Nice Shirt."

New films may spur movie-goers in South Tempe and West Chandler

The story meanders, but the acting and left-field dialogue keep Kajillionaire coherent.

Postino to celebrate long-awaited south Tempe opening on Sept. 16

It was big news in south Tempe in January when Tempe Public Market closed abruptly. Disappointment throughout the neighborhood soon wanted with news that Postino Wine Cafe would be taking over the space at the northwestern corner of Rural and Warner roads. Postino is to open Sept. 16.

Hey, if nothing else, now’s the time to catch these faves

By M.V. Moorhead This past week I heard somebody observe that is the first time in history that we can save humanity by laying in front of the TV and doing nothing. “Let’s not...

March filmfest looks back at movies with a link to Tempe

By M.V. Moorhead Who knew that Tempe had such a long and varied movie career. As one might expect, the fine folks at Tempe History Museum did. And they mean to prove it, with a...

Our reviewer’s retrospective: Looking back at top filmfare of the decade

By M.V. Moorhead The curtain is now open on all of 2019, providing a rearview look (again...) at that arbitrary annual movie-critic ritual, the Top 10 List. But let’s not overlook what I...

Motor-head ennui no matter: Our film guy was revved on this one

By M.V. Moorhead Despite its promising stars and director, I admit that I dragged my feet a little when it came to seeing Ford v Ferrari. This wasn’t because of the film’s formidable...

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