Our writer-photographer Andrew Lwowski wins 1st place in Hearst Awards program

Earns coveted ‘Pulitzer Prize’ of college journalism

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I n the last several months, we’ve had the pleasure of receiving news of awards for journalistic achievement being received by several of our former and currrent contributors, and we recognized their achievement in a previous edition. Naturally, we’re delighted that their work is seen as notable by the premier organization of professionals in our field, Arizona Press Club. But nothing has been so happily received, so remarkable, so impressive, as first place honors in the Hearst Awards Program, known widely as the Pulitzer Prize of collegiate journalism, bestowed on our writer and photographer Andrew Lwowski for his 2,000-word in-depth exploration of how the tiny, often overlooked town of Eloy managed to produce five NFL football players, the most of any single geographic entity in our state. Not only did Lwowski’s in-depth look at the how and why of this distinction earn him the coveted Hearst award but an accompanying $3,000 to tangibly distinguish his efforts and provide a dollars-and-cents incentive to pursue what appears to be a certain future in his chosen field. Naturally, we’re delighted that Andrew, a former Corona del Sol and ASU student, has elected to spend some of his post-graduation days as a member of our staff. In the few months he has been with us, he has shown a rare combination of talents in both writing and photography, normally the domain of only one professional. As a result, we’ve quickly grown to involve him in our planning and execution of each issue. You can view his fascinating story and photos in our April 8 issue, and join us in celebrating what we all know is Andrew’s assured journalistic future of NFL-worthy proportions.



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