$1.63 billion Chandler budget due for July 1 adoption

West Chandler residents following their city’s annual financing process will feel the first effects on Monday, July 1, of a $1.63 billion budget agreed upon to extend through the coming year. The money covers costs of all operating and capital expenditures.

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The figure includes a $752.6 million operating budget for department expenses, including equipment, technology and vehicle replacements, debt service for municipal bonds, and budget contingencies and financial reserves.

It also includes $876.5 million in capital improvements, providing $238.9 million in new appropriation and $637.6 million for capital projects that are in progress.


  • Maintains the lowest combined annual cost of services among Valley cities for water, wastewater, solid waste, property tax and sales tax.
  • Reduces the city property tax rate for the 9th consecutive year, pending City Council final approval.
  • Maintains the paid-off status of Chandler’s Public Safety Personnel Retirement System pension obligation.
  • Invests millions in infrastructure projects to support streets, parks, public safety and other infrastructure and sustainability projects.

The City Council is due to accept the accompanying property tax levy as part of its June 27 meeting.

Many of the services provided to West Chandler residents and their citywide neighbors are financed through the General Fund, including police and fire services, the West Chandler Sunset branch library and others, maintenance of city streets, parks and other infrastructure. General Fund revenues largely come from local city sales tax and state-shared revenues.

Other services are financed through separate self-supporting Enterprise or Utility Funds, which include Water, Wastewater, Airport and Solid Waste services, which come from fees paid by users of the service.  Also, other Special Revenue and Capital Project funds support services and the capital program, with revenues that come from the State of Arizona, grants, system development fees and bonds.



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