What are your hopes for new year? Chandler, Tempe leaders weigh in

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Kevin Hartke, Mayor of Chandler

I continue to be inspired by Chandler’s strength, innovation and spirit of giving. In 2021 we will work diligently to put our community first to see a bright, healthy and thriving year. Our community has an incredible wealth of entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations with which I look forward to continuing our work together to make Chandler the best city to live, work and play.




Corey Woods, Mayor of Tempe

My hopes for Tempe in 2021 all revolve around quality of life for our community members. The highest priority, of course, is reducing the number of COVID-19 cases through following safety precautions and having an ample, well-run vaccine distribution. If we continue to pull together, we can resume life in 2021 in an even stronger Tempe, one that is both physically and economically healthy. I am also intensely focused on affordable housing, public safety, homelessness and supporting our local Tempe businesses. We have many initiatives and expanded services planned in all of these areas.”


Terri Kimble, President and CEO, Chandler Chamber of Commerce

I think living through a world pandemic brought out our strengths as individuals, families, businesses and communities. Resilience, for one, comes to mind and it has been truly inspiring to see people and businesses alike lending support, reimagining companies to become part of the solution. We came together to ensure not only the survival of each other, but our business community, as well. I am confident you will see this continue in 2021.



Anne Gill, President and CEO, Tempe Chamber of Commerce

The future of the Tempe Chamber is bright, and our outlook remains positive. As we move into 2021, we will continue to focus on our workforce initiatives while stepping up our advocacy efforts on behalf of the business community. As businesses deal with the challenges the global pandemic created the need for a strong advocacy voice is more important than ever. Our ability to connect people and advocate for business allows us to continue serving our members and strengthening our community.



Kevin Mendivil, Superintendent, Tempe Union High School District

I know I’m not alone in hoping for an end to the spread of COVID, as the vaccines become more widely available in our community. I also hope that 2021 can be the year of a “new normal” for our students and their families—in the sense that we can all gradually return to a more normal way of life, and also carry forward the lessons of resilience and innovation that we learned via the events of 2020.




Laura Toenjes, Superintendent, Kyrene School District

2020 was unprecedented for the challenges it brought us. I am confident that 2021 will be unprecedented for the way we bounce back. We are resilient— especially our students—and I truly believe this pandemic is creating a generation of innovators and problem solvers.”





Randy Goff, Owner, Chandler Mortgage

It was a crazy 2020. My main hope for the coming year is that our world finds its way back to a sense of normal as we learn how to overcome the COVID virus. I hope also that our society can find a greater sense of peace and unity as we move into 2021. Locally, I hope that our neighbors in the Kyrene Corridor have a healthy and prosperous new year, and that they can enjoy more quality time with family and friends.




Leslie Walston, owner, Great Harvest Bakery

My hope for the next year is to find abundance in all our circumstances, have gratitude for all blessings and trials and increase in kindness in both word and deed.






Bill Meiter, Pastor of Arizona Community Church

It’s our hope that Arizona Community Church can continue to be a source of inspiration and hope to all our neighbors and friends in 2021. Never forget that the Lord loves you more than you can possibly imagine and demonstrated this love by sending his own Son as the Savior of the world! If you don’t yet have a church home, please know that our doors are always open, and you are always welcome.




Roger Ball, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Tempe

Respect, equality and justice for you is my hope in the days ahead. I pledge to lend you my hand. Never striking you with my hand or hurt you by my comments on social media. Hope arrives when I never lie about you, only extend the kindness and truth of Jesus. Hope comes when you do not doubt my resolve to look like, sound like and talk like Jesus. I offer hope to you by resetting my daily focus on knowing more about Jesus, His sufferings, resurrection, truth and mercy. In 2021 can we promise to show each other more of Jesus?


Joyce Coronel
Joyce Coronel has been interviewing and writing stories since she was 12, and she’s got the scrapbooks to prove it. The mother of five grown sons and native of Arizona is passionate about local news and has been involved in media since 2002, coming aboard at Wrangler News in 2015. Joyce believes strongly that newspapers are a lifeline to an informed public and a means by which neighbors can build a sense of community—vitally important in today’s complex world.



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