Firefighters are heroes again in a hair-raising event to fight cancer


How many times have our hair-disadvantaged friends reminded us that, yes, bald really is beautiful.

Now come the United Phoenix Fire Fighters Charities, who evidently have combed through some successful fund-raising ideas to promote a headshaving party from noon to 5 on Saturday, May 19, in Tempe.

The members say they’re doing their part to fight cancer at a “Bald is Beautiful” event that will take place at the C.A.S.A restaurant at 5 E. 6th St.

The family-friendly event will celebrate cancer survivors and those who have fought the good fight by sharing #storiesofstrength. Funds raised will benefit Children’s Cancer Network.

Anyone making a donation will receive a “Cancer Fighting HERO” sign to show support for the person in their life who is battling cancer or who has lost the struggle for survival.

Donors will also receive a free head shaving—optional, of course—to support those who have lost their hair from cancer treatment.

UPFFC will also be selling shirts and other items to support the Children’s Cancer Network.




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