Deadline for Love Your School Kyrene Contest looms

Airline pilot Captain Frank Schmuck started this inter-school competition to support teachers with funds for school supplies. Photo Courtesy Frank Schmuck

A Southwest Airlines pilot who founded a charitable project to assist Kyrene district teachers and students is encouraging members of the community to participate in a contest to win money for their favorite school in the district.

South Tempe resident “Captain Frank” as students in his Adopt-A-Pilot class refer to him, met with Kyrene School Superintendent Jan Vesley to discuss how he could assist classroom teachers. Vesely told him that, “On average, each teacher in the Kyrene school district spends $700 of their own money for school supplies each year.”

Schmuck said he started the Love Your School Kyrene project because it’s “a way to donate funds to the classrooms in Kyrene and inspire other individuals and businesses to do the same.”

Every school in the Kyrene School District is eligible to participate, and the competition runs only during April 2018.  The schools that encourage the most teachers, students, parents and local supporters to “Love” their school using the FB emoticon on their school’s post (on the FaceBook page @LoveYourSchoolKyrene), will receive a bigger share of the charitable contribution, donated by Captain Frank Schmuck. The more others donate, the more schools might see.

The first-place winner will receive  a minimum of $1,000 for their school; the second-place winner will receive a minimum of $500 for their school; a third-place winner will receive a minimum $250 for their school. Five honorable mentions will be awarded a minimum of $50 for their schools

Private citizens and businesses are encouraged to help. Information:





  1. This is a great idea – kudos to “Captain Frank” for this. Now, more than ever, we need to support our schools and teachers. We love our schools!

  2. It is crazy to think that we pay our teachers so little, and that they need to spend what little they have in order to do their jobs effectively. Any project like this of course helps to take the edge off, so it is awesome what Frank is doing here. The hope, presumably, is that this catches wind and starts a crowd funding-type project. Frank is always looking for ways to help the community, and deserves a ton of credit for his efforts.

  3. Captain Frank has always been a leader in the community. He is a tireless worker and has the gratitude of many parents. I have worked with Frank for many years and appreciate his efforts to make our schools better for that next generation and for our amazing teachers in Arizona. THANK YOU FRANK!!

  4. This is such an excellent way to improve the local community as well as the Arizona educational system as a whole! Thank you “Captain” Frank Schmuck for this amazing work of charity. When nothing is being done about an issue, it takes someone like you to step up and make a difference.

  5. It’s not just a click of love your school, but more to bring an awareness of the issue to the community at large. Teachers deserve to be paid more and spending in the classroom for the kids should also be taken into consideration as it’s an investment on next generation and their future. This is a great idea and thanks to Captain Frank for taking the creative initiative. It’s a great start but needs more participants to change the situation.

  6. Kudos to Captain Schmuck for stepping up. The business community should jump on this project…sounds like they will need support. One guy can’t possibly fill the need, but its a great start!


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