Kyrene’s Schauer makes unexpected departure


Dr. David Schauer, Kyrene

Dr. David Schauer, who has headed the Kyrene School District for the past 10 years, announced on Thursday that he was ending his role as district superintendent, “with deep regret,” effective immediately.

A letter signed by Schauer said the district’s governing board had requested that he use his accrued vacation days prior to the end of his current contract on June 30. He added that he will continue to serve as superintendent but will not work in the district office.

A discussion reportedly was underway among board members and administrative staff to determine who will act on Schauer’s behalf until a new superintendent is named. A search was launched earlier this year after Schauer announced his plan to leave the district on June 30, when his contract is due to end.

“It is with deep regret that I inform you that today is my last day in the office. The Governing Board has requested that I use my accrued vacation days prior to the end of my contract on June 30, 2016. While I will remain as Kyrene Superintendent until my contract ends on June 30, 2016, I will not be working in the District Office,” the letter read.

Schauer started with the district in 1996 as a principal. He became assistant superintendent in 2002 and became superintendent in 2006.



  1. Mr Schauer has certainly earned his disgraceful exit. This public shaming does not go far enough to address the complete disaster he is leaving our district in, with KMS as the lead example. So glad the Board FINALLY saw what a cancer his leadership was at the Kyrene School District. Hopefully the head of the ESS Dept, Shari Dukes, will depart in a similarly disgraceful manner as Schauer was the main individual to cover up her widespread withholding of services to children in desperate need of assistance that they were legally, morally, and ethically entitled to. In my opinion, there are very few people who could steal from special service CHILDREN like these 2 did and then bamboozle the public into believing what they were perpetrating was being handled with objective oversite. The taxpayers even paid them 6 figures a year, along with the priceless power trip of their positions, to harm the most defenseless of the children under their supervision. This of course, is my opinion only. 😀

    • These are serious allegations you’re making. Can you specify please? Why wouldn’t the Governing Board be forthcoming with that kind of information if it were true?

  2. First, this is my opinion and experience and I am very confident they would hold up under scrutiny. Why don’t you call one of the Board Members and ask them? Why do you think Schauer was asked to leave immediately, use his vacation, and not even finish out until June 30th? Have you ever advocated for a child with special needs? Or have one of your own? Have you ever been a PTO President? I have been all those things. I have also very vocally stated the issues at numerous governing board meetings with how Schauer was operating. He wasn’t alone in bamboozling the Board and public, Jeff Peters, Lora Nevel, Gina, they were all very aware.

  3. BTW “concerned parent,” I feel confident enough in my thoughts and experience to make my name public. I would like to make your aquaintence, as you at least read this stuff and ask questions.

  4. Susie, you are obviously a very bitter and hateful person! I feel very sorry for you. Now that Dr. Schauer (yes, he is Dr. NOT Mr. and he has earned that title) has left his office but not his position until June 30th; we’ll see who you find to blame next. Good luck. I have been in this district for 42 years where I attended school and have now sent my children for the past 18 years and would not have chosen a different district. If you are so angry why don’t you find a different district to live in!

  5. Talk about shameful. What a gross misconception about a truly fine man who has led the Kyrene School District for over 10 years. This kind, compassionate, well-educated leader who believes in brain-based education, high standards, and equal educational opportunities for all does not deserve anything so shamefully unkind. Seriously.

  6. Hey Emily and Deb, maybe you should read all 300 pages of the audit that is about to come out. It basically says MR Schauer did a really crappy job of leading this district for the last 10 years. That would be an objective review, not either of ours.

  7. I agree with Susie. I worked for the district for several years, and saw widespread corruption in the special education services, as well as with several administrators (principals). There is a reason Shari Dukes is now with another school district. Shari did not put the children first at Kyrene. Very sad.


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