Author: M.V. Moorhead

‘DePalma Week’ features notable director’s three most memorable works

For all the faults of his movies, even for all the supposed great faults of his character, I’ve always had a soft spot for director Brian De Palma.

Angry Birds: Tweeting a poor message to young audiences?

The Angry Birds franchise began in 2009 as a video game, the object of which was to launch roly-poly little birds from a slingshot at little green pigs.

Childhood memories of DQ

Here in the Valley, the Dairy Queen stays open all year ‘round.

Best-of-show pics

Proud though I am to be a founding member of Phoenix Film Critics Society, the Society’s choices for Best Picture are not always the same as mine.

Weekend art fest draws TV tech-turned metal sculptor

With the weather finally tolerable and the gift-giving season looming large, the Tempe Arts Festival is a jolly way to spend a few hours (and some money).

What would Turkey Day be without some video faves?

There are countless well-loved Christmas movies, but Thanksgiving movies are a rarity.

Whether iconic white rabbit or grisly disaster victim, costume designer revels in creative joys, challenges

Sometimes it’s a talking white rabbit, sometimes it’s a disaster victim. When you’re a costume designer, you can just never be sure who you’ll be asked to dress next.

Marooned ‘Martian’ lends authenticity to Matt Damon’s role

The Martian — As in 1964’s excellent Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Ridley Scott’s latest maroons an American astronaut on the Red Planet and lets him figure out how to stay alive.

A shortcut to experiencing India’s cuisine, plus a handy primer to what’s on the menu

A trip to India—or, as E M. Forster would have called it, a passage to India—is an expensive proposition for most of us.

Former CDS star ballplayer who played on college teams returns to area as realtor

Two faces gaze down from the WANTED poster on the side of the Radatat Tattoo bus at Ray and McClintock. On the left is the face of a nice-looking young man with a pleasant expression, politely tipping his cowboy hat. On the right, perched above a jaunty bandana, is the face of a slightly perplexed but eager-to-please boxer.