Realtors view bond passage as benefitting home values


By Diana Whittle

Area Realtors were quick to credit voters for their support of school ballot initiatives, noting that a community’s home values have a strong relationship to its residents’ support of education.
Carol Royse, who has been one of the area’s leading Realtors for 25-plus years, said one of the questions she hears most often from prospective buyers involves the condition of nearby schools.
“Parents today have many choices, not only related to the area they live in but where their children go to school,” said Royse.
“Neighborhood schools are still the best option for most parents….if the schools are excelling. Parents do not want
their children in average or below-average schools, and will not move into an area that has such schools.             “Thus, Royse noted, it is extremely important to homeowners in the area to keep schools strong academically, and excelling. “If not,” she said, “homebuyers will look in other areas and we will be left with declining neighborhoods.”
Another area Realtor, Brad Cox, said he was born and raised in Tempe, attending Kyrene schools, and graduated from Corona del Sol.
He says he enthusiastically voted for the overrides and the bond authorization because it’s personally important to him to have strong school districts.
“I am proud to work in a community with school districts that are highly sought after, because residents are willing to invest in them,” he said.
In his free time, Cox further supports the area by volunteering as a Tempe Diablo and sits on the organization’s
committee to support educational programs and provide scholarships.



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