Why Wrangler News?


Because where you live is where we live.

5314a5eujWhether you’re in one of Tempe’s new ‘Character Areas’
or one of west Chandler’s cozy residential communities,
we’re your neighbors. We work here, shop here, dine here,
live here. Since 1991, you’ve seen Wrangler News at your
schools, your churches, the places you do business. And, of
course, in your driveway every other Saturday. It’s because
this is our home, too—a place where the best of two cities is
blended into a community with common interests known as
the Kyrene Corridor.
The four of us—Don, Tracy, Chelsea, Billy—take pride in
bringing you news and features about what’s happening
in your neighborhood because they’re our neighborhoods
too. For almost 25 years, members of our Wrangler News
team have been here to provide a glimpse of the people
and places that make up our combined communities. It’s a
job we love in a place we love—because we’re part of it.
We hope you enjoy Wrangler News and invite you to let us
know any time we can offer help with a question or share
ideas about your community—our community. Our phone
number is 480-966-0845, and we’re here from 9 to 5 Monday
through Friday. Or simply drop by our office in Warner
Century Plaza on Warner Road just west of the Price/101
We’re your neighbors. And after all, isn’t that what
neighbors are for? We’ll see you soon!



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