Corona band marching to success


I Happy Hour Wine or non-alcoholic beverage. t’s 170 members strong and ready to march.
Not for a cause, mind you, but for the sheer
enjoyment of it.
As a result, this year’s Aztec Marching Band has
emerged as one of the largest of its kind in the state.
They didn’t get to this lofty position by accident.
During the summer, they attended sectional
rehearsals, followed by band workouts at Camp
Tontozona near Payson.
While it was no picnic, said one band member, it
was a lot of fun.
Now eager and fully prepared for the season,
the group has based its year’s performances on the
theme Dawn of an Empire, celebrating the birth of
the Aztec civilization. That meant adding such unique
instruments as the conch shell and buffalo drums.
Sticking to the theme, the color guard performs with
brightly colored flags and dance movements.
2bNow, the groups practice every Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:45 to 7:10
a.m. They take to the practice field on Monday
evenings and, also during the week, have sectional
Their hard work and commitment are evident in
their performance, say those who’ve seen them.
In the opinion of one observer: “Amazing.”
The Marching Band performs at all Corona
football games, both home and away. Their
appearances are supported by an active and
dedicated booster club, which helps with the
transportation of instruments, keeps parents
informed of upcoming activities, provides hydration
at games and, most importantly says one booster,
sponsors fundraisers to provide funds to cover
necessary band expenses.
Upcoming activities, in addition to the
performances at Corona football games, include the
Marching Band Invitational on Oct. 1 and several
At the invitational, which takes place at Corona,
nine bands from around the state, including the
Aztecs, will perform.
While not a formal competition, the event serves
as the opening prelude to the band competition
season in the Valley, where the participating
schools will present for the first time their complete
competition shows, and judges will critique their
The public is invited; admission is $5.
Concessions will be available.
Aztec band director is David DuPlessis;
percussion/pit director is Scott Werner.

Photos by Billy Hardiman




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