Tempe’s charitable Diablos again have shown their generosity with a $10,000 grant to the Tempe Union High School District’s Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program, housed at Compadre Academy.
The grant was awarded to help ensure the program’s continuing ability to serve as a successful drop-out prevention service.
Compadre’s program offers pregnant and parenting female students, as well as parenting male students, a supportive and safe environment.
Participants may take parenting and pregnancy classes for elective credits and learn how to care for their babies. They may also check on their babies between classes when they are in the onsite childcare.
With the assistance of the grant from the philanthropic Diablos and contributions from community organizations and businesses, the program provides services and educational opportunities for 200 students who district officials say might otherwise have dropped out of high school.
”The Diablos are excited to be able to help provide the kind of support that will allow these students to overcome the challenges that might otherwise hold them back,” said Diablos President Greg Stainton. “We encourage others to join the Diablos in helping to fund the great work being done by the dedicated staff at Compadre.”
Stainton said the Diablos, a Tempe-based civic organization, are prepared to provide matching funds up to another $10,000 for the program if Compadre is able to raise additional funds, which could be generated if businesses and community members join the effort.
The TUHSD non profit foundation also has established a fund to ensure the continuation of this program and is accepting donations. Those
Information: Dianne Welling, coordinator of business partnerships, at dwelling@tempeunion.org.

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