Tempe offers new opportunities in fall classes


With the turn of each new season comes new opportunities, and this fall is no different.

Whether you want to get in shape, get active, learn to cook, get the kids involved or just learn something new, there are opportunities out there.

The City of Tempe released their fall brochure with opportunities available for almost everyone.

Among the most interesting for kids is buddy bowling, held every Saturday through November for kids seven or older. Kids get together and bowl with a partner, learning the basics of the game while learning about a little friendly competition.

Intro to technology classes are available for kids three to seven as well, teaching then everything from how to use a mouse and keyboard, to the concepts of the internet, where a satellite is and how a network works.

Little All-Stars is also available for younger kids, and concentrates on developing motor skills, coordination and social skills.

The typical basketball, football and other youth sports are also available for kids and teens.

For adults you can get into martial arts by learning Muay Thai kickboxing, or fight fitness. Fight fitness uses martial arts and aerobics to offer a high energy workout.

Cooking demonstrations are also available, if you want something a little more laid back. Local chef JoAnne Groot will hold many classes showing you how to make your dish the talk of the party.

To view all of the City of Tempe’s classes and how to sign up, click here.



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