New clinic offers options for weight-loss patients


Are you looking to shed pounds of body fat without having to eat mail-ordered meals that leave you hungry?

Would-be dieters now have a new medical clinic, FIT Medical Weight Loss, designed to help participants lose pounds while still being able to eat the foods they enjoy. The clinic is located in the Arizona State University Research Park just north of Warner Road and east of Loop 101, on the southwest corner of River Parkway and Conference Drive.

Owner Tracy Nymeyer said the program allows patients to choose between two appetite suppressants, one a prescription medication, another that is an herbal remedy.

“We medically screen patients initially, then we screen them every week,” Nymeyer said. “The program works because not only do we provide them with an appetite suppressant and a list of foods they can and cannot eat, but we also have a weekly check-up.”

Patients are given their medication during the weekly follow-up session, requiring them to keep track of their diet on a weekly basis.

“The accountability of coming every week helps them stay on track and makes it a permanent deal,” she said. “It’s a combination of all of those things that really makes the program so successful.”

When dealing with first-time patients, doctors make sure their heart is healthy and also run a full blood test to look at key indicators to make sure it is safe for them to begin the FIT program.

Nymeyer said patients normally opt for the prescription appetite suppressant, but many patients also lose just as much weight on the herbal appetite suppressant.

“We give them an eating guide, and they are free to eat whatever foods are on the program,” Dr. Jennifer R. Francyk, a board certified physician assistant in primary care medicine, said.

“(Hypothetically) We say these are the six foods you cannot eat, but you can eat anything else.”




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