When desperation strikes, Tempe Community Action is ready to help

It’s a tough world out there and for those experiencing homelessness, rising above those circumstances might seem to be a hopeless battle.

All the world’s a stage, and this school proves no exception

It opens with arguably Shakespeare’s greatest protagonist, Hamlet himself (played at Aprende by Sean Geraghty)

Teacher’s passion: Lifting awareness among families battling cancer in kids

Each year, approximately 175,000 children ages 14 and under worldwide are diagnosed with cancer.

Riders flock to scooter migration

Zipping, zooming and zig-zagging through the streets of Tempe, a new flock of Birds has descended on our city—only these have wheels instead of wings.

Survivor’s advice: When life throws you a curve, get on your Harley and ride

If you haven't twisted down hard on the throttle and felt the punch a big motorbike can deliver, you might not understand Greg Venneberg's crazy passion for two-wheeled travel. But his reason for riding will still inspire you.

TV journalism inspired her entry into world of young-adult authors

Award-winning author Erin Jade Lange writes young adult novels on contemporary issues.

Recalling success at ‘Memory Cafe’

Not so long ago, having a memory disorder or caring for someone who did often meant isolation.

Lakefront project pleases some, concerns others

Residents are deliberating over conceptualized changes being unveiled for the Tempe Lakes community, clouding the air with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

Successful aging conference to be held Saturday, Oct. 13th

This Wednesday, Oct. 10 is the deadline to sign up for the Successful Aging Conference at Dayspring Methodist Church, 1365 E Elliot Road, Tempe.

Dentistry from a pair of self-ackowledged ‘perfectionists’

"We’re both perfectionists. We’ll never say, ‘It’s good enough.’ We strive for perfection.”