When desperation strikes, Tempe Community Action is ready to help

It’s a tough world out there and for those experiencing homelessness, rising above those circumstances might seem to be a hopeless battle.

Teacher’s passion: Lifting awareness among families battling cancer in kids

Each year, approximately 175,000 children ages 14 and under worldwide are diagnosed with cancer.

TV journalism inspired her entry into world of young-adult authors

Award-winning author Erin Jade Lange writes young adult novels on contemporary issues.

Lakefront project pleases some, concerns others

Residents are deliberating over conceptualized changes being unveiled for the Tempe Lakes community, clouding the air with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

Dentistry from a pair of self-ackowledged ‘perfectionists’

"We’re both perfectionists. We’ll never say, ‘It’s good enough.’ We strive for perfection.”

Coach’s guidance, persistence prove power of relationships

“I wanted to bring community into the program, so that players could think less about themselves and more about others.”

Churches host concerts for Bolivia aid

In an era of mounting social discord and disaffection, two local churches are banding together to bring a positive message to the community and assist poverty-stricken families in Bolivia.

Triple threat: Sisterly love finds meaning in Tempe classroom

You might do a triple-take when you visit Ward Traditional Academy and check out the list of classroom teachers.

ASU-bound teen is latest statistic in state accident tally

In a split second, her dad recalled, everything changed.

Dignity expert to speak Wednesday, Sept. 12 on life-saving research

Tempe resident Bob Benton says he owes his life to Dr. Nabil Dib.