Walk 4 Unity recognizes worldwide dignity, justice

Dec. 9 event at Desert Breeze Park marking Human Rights Day

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West Chandler residents are expected to join a throng of eager participants in the sixth annual Walk 4 Unity coming to Desert Breeze Park on Saturday, Dec. 9. The event, commemorating U.N. Human Rights Day, starts at 9 a.m. and provides a way for those of all ages, ethnicities and physical capabilities to offer support for universal caring about human rights.

Planners say the approximately 1-mile trek is free to participants. Said a spokesperson for the event: “This is not an endurance race but simply a peaceful way for any person who supports dignity and justice to spend a little time making a statement in the fresh air and sunshine.

“It is a simple gesture that signals that East Valley citizens are inclusive and believe in equality for all.” Sponsored by the Bahá’ís of Chandler, Chandler 4 Change, and the Phoenix chapter of the United Nations Association, Walk 4 Unity—previously called Race 4 Unity— allows local families and like-minded organizations to support the spirit of cooperation, acceptance and freedom upon which this nation was founded.

There will be refreshments, games, and music along with a short inspirational program further explaining the importance of equal human rights. Free Walk 4 Unity T-shirts will be available while supplies last. One of the event planners explained the rationale involved in its regular spot on the calendar.

“The act of gathering together to promote racial, religious and intercultural unity can spark friendships and healing for peoples from all East Valley communities. It is a simple statement that equal human rights are essential for our entire society to function well and prosper.” Plans call for a well-marked course in the park including areas around Desert Breeze Lake, where participants can walk, stroll or even run if preferred. There also will be place to bring donations of household goods for My Sister’s Place, Domestic Violence Shelter for women, children and men who are the victims of domestic violence or human trafficking.

Registration is at www.Chandler4Change.com on the Events page. Race 4 Unity asks for advance registration at Chandler4Change.com although on-site registration is available. Registration is free but required. Said one of those involved in the program: “If you would prefer to just join the group and encourage the participants, that is helpful too. This is a celebration of friendship, and a way to express your feelings regarding the importance of human rights for all and the need for the unity among all the East Valley community.”



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