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Homes for the homeless: A Tempe initiative proves its worth

Timing relates to ruling by Supreme Court that bans sleeping outdoors Special report by Susie Steckner EDITOR'S NOTE: A June 28 Supreme Court ruling upholding an Oregon ban on sleeping outdoors could alter how...

‘Not in Our Town’… Tempe council pledges to fight bullying

By Susie Steckner Mayor Mark Mitchell and the Tempe City Council are joining local education and youth leaders in pledging to stand up to bullying by signing the "Not in Our Town" pledge...

Tempe boosts care for homeless by $1 million

Special Report By Susie Steckner Tempe is making steady progress toward housing chronically homeless people, and successfully keeping them housed. Focusing on this population is vitally important, say city officials, because, in addition...

For 18 families, the homeownership dream comes true

By Susie Steckner Eighteen families have a new place to call home with completion of the unique Tempe Parkview Townhome community, a partnership between the city of Tempe and Habitat for Humanity...

From homeless shelter to city job, veteran learns how ‘Tempe Works’

For anyone else, it could have been just another day at work. But as Ron Ackerman pulled his city truck into the park recently, the sun rising over the horizon and a list of...

Sully, a seasoned expert, lands in Tempe with a welcome splash

Sully, a 2-year-old Labrador trained to comfort those in need, is the newest member of Tempe’s CARE 7 Victim Services team.

Tempe program aimed to support homeless veterans

The city of Tempe is expanding its housing options for veterans who are experiencing homelessness and wants to partner with landlords who have rental properties across the city.

Grassroots initiative brings hope to homeless, impoverished

A ride to a doctor’s appointment. A bag packed with nutritious food. A hot shower. An after-school activity.  Small actions, big impact – all supported by the Tempe Community Council.

Susie Steckner