Calling all neighborhood leaders: Chandler wants YOU!

Chandler is strengthening its bond with Westside and other city residents through a neighborhood registration program, an initiative designed to foster communication and collaboration between homeowner groups and city officials. The program offers a range of benefits for registered neighborhoods, including financial aid for community projects like graffiti removal, educational resources such as neighborhood management and development workshops, and regular city service and event updates.

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By promoting a stronger sense of community, providing access to valuable resources, and ensuring effective communication between neighborhood leaders and city officials, the program significantly enhances the quality of life in Chandler neighborhoods.

“Our objective is to identify other leaders in Chandler neighborhoods and encourage them to engage with their neighbors,” said Priscilla Quintana, neighborhood preservation program manager for the city of Chandler. She noted that the program focuses on building a sense of community by encouraging residents to meet their neighbors and work together to create a more robust, vibrant neighborhood.

Through a neighborhood registry, the program establishes a direct link between neighborhoods and the city. This registry lets city staff stay informed about neighborhood issues and concerns, facilitating a more responsive and practical approach to addressing local needs. Registered neighborhoods gain access to $75,000 in available funds for neighborhood gatherings, meetings and beautification projects. These benefits are not just perks but opportunities that can help neighborhoods thrive.

“Funding for the next fiscal quarter is just around the corner,” said Chandler public information officer Stephanie Romero. She and Quintana encourage neighborhood leaders to take advantage of the opportunity and the available funding. Romero points out that neighborhood leaders are crucial to the program’s success. They are responsible for disseminating information within their neighborhoods, working with neighbors to address concerns, and collaborating with city officials to resolve issues. The program offers support and resources to help them fulfill their roles effectively, spurring grassroots community efforts and improving the quality of life in each neighborhood through resident involvement.

One such initiative is “Let’s Pull Together,” a volunteer program assisting senior residents, persons with disabilities, veterans and families experiencing hardships by maintaining their yards, carports and alleyways. Volunteers can engage in helping with yardwork, painting homes or removing unwanted items. The projects usually last one day but leave a lasting impact on both the residents and the community. Individuals, families and groups of any size are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Another significant event is “For Our City Day,” mobilizing hundreds of neighborhood volunteers to revitalize an entire neighborhood in just one day. Activities like essential yard maintenance, painting, cleaning up alleys or spreading gravel are similar to the Let’s Pull Together initiative, but the results are on a grand scale. They help revitalize and preserve Chandler neighborhoods while supporting community cohesion and collaboration. Neighborhood leaders can also attend educational and informational presentations on community development and well-being topics and receive regular updates on city events, programs and services, which help keep residents informed and engaged.

When neighborhood leaders register their neighborhood for the program, they support Chandler’s senior residents in need through the city’s Golden Neighbors program. The program offers cost-of-living assistance, resources for extensive home repairs, everyday supplies and transportation help. The service is designed to help senior residents financially and economically and allow them to connect with neighbors while building a social network. According to studies, social isolation and loneliness are linked to severe health conditions, including nearly a 50 percent increased risk of dementia.

By participating in this program, residents can make a significant difference in the lives of their senior neighbors and foster a sense of compassion and care in the community. The city also provides essential items for Chandler seniors, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, socks, diapers and various cleaning supplies and hygiene products. Seniors or those who know a senior in need are encouraged to schedule a pickup time by calling 480-782- 4348. Due to restrictions on the financial services program, this service is only available to Chandler residents. The city has several engaging volunteer opportunities and encourages anyone interested in joining to help make a difference in the community. City officials said no experience is necessary to make a lasting impact.

Whether it’s through the Golden Neighbors program, Let’s Pull Together initiative, or For Our City Day event, there are numerous ways for residents to get involved and make a meaningful difference in their community.

For more information, visit the city of Chandler’s Volunteer Opportunities page: Volunteer Opportunities | City of Chandler. Residents and neighborhood leaders interested in joining the neighborhood registration program can apply any time by visiting the Neighborhood Programs webpage, completing the registration form and submitting it online.

Contact information and registration are located on the Neighborhood Programs webpage. To find out if your neighborhood is registered, or to register, go to the Neighborhood Registration City of Chandler page on the city of Chandler’s website.

Or contact Priscilla Quintana, neighborhood preservation program manager, at 480-782-4363 or



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