Confidence key to Sentinels’ success

The Seton Catholic Sentinels have yielded just six wins over the past three seasons. When you’ve been down for so long, half the battle is physical and the other half is in your head, says coach Pete Wahlheim.

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However, Wahlheim believes his program will turn heads this season, and it’s been a long time coming. The 2024 roster is shaping up to have roughly 23 seniors, all of whom have been chiseled from the agony of defeat and are ready to make their mark.

“This is a group that we knew was going to be pretty darn good when they came in years ago,” Wahlheim said. “[I] played a lot of them as freshmen and sophomores, so all the guys that contributed have been playing varsity now for three, going on through four years. So, it’s time to start to win some games.

“They’ve got, you know, two or three years of getting pushed around under their belt and learning. So that should bear fruit.”

Through the summer workouts, Wahlheim has seen strides in growth not only physically, but mentally. Part of that is thanks to his offensive assistant, Jared Zimmerman, who utilizes his advanced degrees in sports psychology to render support. And from what Wahlheim has seen, confidence and swagger are creeping back into the once mighty Sentinel program.

A strong summer training program, paired with outstanding spring ball and local tournaments, have offered an additional boost. “Winning breeds winning, and so does losing. And it’s hard to get those guys to understand how close they are to being really good…I think we’re better all the way around.”

Searching for answers, Wahlheim transitioned to the offensive side of the ball. He acknowledges that he may have “over coached” the defense in years past, so by adjusting the scheme it allows his opportunistic defense the liberty to fly around and make plays. In return, he can focus on generating points.

“The goal this year is to be more balanced, and be able to control the game a little bit more that way,” he added. Wahlheim will have three-year starting quarterback Chase Dickson and four-year starting tailback Ryan Creech , who he deems the “heart and soul” of the offense. While looking for more production, he admitted it’s tough to put his team in position for a long season when there are only 200 boys at the school. Competition in practice and depth become a luxury.

Nonetheless, Wahlheim has a strong belief in his 2024 roster. “I think this will be a playoff team all day long,” he said.

“I think if we keep our confidence up and we play well early, we have a chance to be really good…the sky’s the limit for us. “I think if we don’t make the playoffs, we underachieved. But once we get there, you know, anything’s possible.”

Andrew Lwowski is the Associate Publisher for Wrangler News. Have a story idea? Email him at or follow him on X @Andrew_Lwowski



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