Chandler’s Sean Duggan voices thanks for 37 years in law enforcement, 10 years as chief

A Wrangler News special by former Chandler law enforcement officer, police chief

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As I approach my retirement from policing and final weeks serving as Chandler’s police chief, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the Chandler community for the level of support and appreciation I have felt serving as your chief these past ten years. Leading and working alongside the dedicated and courageous men and women of the Chandler Police Department has been the highlight of my 37 years of police service. The last ten years serving as your chief have been especially rewarding. From driving down crime to historic low levels, to forging deep rooted relationships with the community, our culture of earning support and trust by serving our community in a fair and equitable manner has been the cornerstone of our highly successful system of policing. Our strong culture has enabled us to thrive in a chaotic and rapidly changing landscape over the years. It is born out of our adherence to the highest standards of performance while continually seeking self-improvement and perhaps, most importantly, holding each other accountable. The police department has been in a continuous state of change and evolution to meet the many challenges of modern policing. From enhanced training, new and revised policies and procedures, community trust building, and the implementation of new technologies, the stresses and demands of being a police officer today are enormous. Yet, despite all the changes and the many challenges, our department is recognized regionally and nationally as a modern, transparent, and model agency where the community supports and appreciates their police. And while we experienced many successes over the past ten years, we have suffered heartbreaking and incalculable loss with the deaths of five of our colleagues and friends. As a department and a community, we relied on each other for strength and support to press on. These moments of unity and caring will long remain in my memory. The future of the Chandler Police Department is bright, and its current upward trajectory will continue to soar while upholding the highest standards of performance. Years of succession planning have cultivated a deep bench of highly talented and skilled executive leaders immediately capable of guiding the department well into the future. It has been the greatest honor and privilege to serve Chandler as your police chief these past ten years. Chandler is a special community with the spirit of unity and collaboration where residents and police work together to help keep our city safe. I am grateful for the people of Chandler who have placed their trust in our department and the bonds forged over the years helping to make Chandler one of the safest cites in the United States. I am especially grateful for our dedicated officers and professional staff. I have witnessed their nobility, courage, determination and selfless service and sacrifice time and again. Chandler is my home, and I am confident the values of service, trust and respect will flourish long after my retirement. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your police chief.



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