Bakery’s promise: Sweet temptations

We’ve all driven past it multiple times without noticing this little hideaway of tasty dreams come true: It’s Honeymoon Sweets, the now 20-plus-year-old birthplace of some of the dessert universe’s most mouth-watering year-round treats, all the more tantalizing as the holidays near.

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So tantalizing, in fact, that our photographer Andrew Lwowski consumed in a single sitting the entire contents of the owners’ lovingly boxed parting gift to him of selected samples. With that same thoughtful attention to detail, they dispatched Andrew back to our office with a likewise irresistable selection of their specialty creations, each one not only resting in its own personally placed wrapper but designed almost to be gazed upon—notice the word “almost”— rather than eaten.

We’re not sure we can correctly describe with a pastry chef’s expertise the proper name of each sample delicacy, but we can offer readers the benefit of our shared agreement that they may have been the most delicious gifts we’ve ever received, even though we fought off the temptation to follow Andrew in his pursuit of instant culinary gratification.

If you happen to pay a visit to Honeymoon Sweets, you can deal with temptation in any way you like. Don’t say, however, that we didn’t warn you. — dk Honeymoon Sweets is located at 606 W. Southern Ave., north side, just west of Rural Road. Phone: 480-517-9520. honeymoonsweets. com



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