Short-term rental license suspended after dangerous party incident

Tempe acted to hold homeowner accountable for activities of renters

The city-issued license of a short-term rental property has been suspended after a dangerous incident at a party thrown by renters at the home in May. The suspension took effect this week after the homeowner agreed to the maximum penalty allowed under the City Council-approved ordinance.

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Deputy City Manager Tom Duensing said the violations at the property were serious and that the homeowner worked cooperatively with the city and accepted responsibility for the conduct of the renters who threw the party. The homeowner cannot obtain a short-term rental license for the property until after May 21, 2024.

Tempe Police responded when shots were fired on May 21, 2023 at the home, located north of Warner Road, east of McClintock Drive. It was being rented at the time. No one was injured. Shortly after, the city filed an action in Tempe Municipal Court to revoke the license.

The ordinance went into effect in March requiring that every homeowner using their residence as a short-term rental seek a city license that must be renewed annually. The ordinance requires homeowners to register their property, notify neighboring homes with 24-hour emergency contact information and conduct a sex offender background check on the booking individual. All license information is at

“Neighborhood safety is critically important,” Duensing said. “Tempe enforced our ordinance to preserve quality of life for our residents.”



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