Former top U.S. aide shares her thoughts on how AI holds key to future

Editor’s note: Wrangler News contributor Andrew Lwowski, a Corona del Sol and ASU graduate, was among recipients of the prestigious Hearst writing awards presented in San Francisco June 3-8. The following is based on a virtual appearance by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, one of a group of nationally recognized leaders who addressed the group. By Andrew Lwowski

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As the world swings into year two of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a new generation of warfare is unfolding in the process. The rise of technology has led to the first evidence of this, and artificial intelligence at the same time has ushered in a new dynamic in how events are covered by the world’s media.

During a virtual press conference, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned that, despite its benefits, America faces the looming threat of artificial intelligence. “This is a very complex set of issues because we want to have the benefit of what AI can bring,” Rice said. “We want the innovation to be distributed. We have to remember that we are not in the race alone; there is an authoritarian regime in China in this race as well.”

The advancements of technology within the past decade have ushered in a wave of alarming war tactics, Rice said, adding that increasingly powerful AI tools pose not only a threat to national security, but democracy. “A friend of mine actually had a deep fake,” Rice said. “He does a lot of consulting for the Ukrainian government and the deep fake was trying to get information out of the Ukrainian government about their military movements.”

While AI remains a double-edged sword, Rice expressed the upmost importance of the United States winning this new-wave arms race in powerful technology. However, it starts with scientists deciphering which regulations can prevent these issues from the start, further defining the line between human and computer. Just because it is legal, Rice said, doesn’t mean it is right. The rise of technology, specifically communications, has led to the first “social media war,” as Rice says.

Ukrainians have been pioneering their way through the technological strongholds President Putin and the Russian forces that implemented though “clever” social media navigation and the private sector. Elon Musk’s Starlink has aided in the Ukrainians breaking through information blockades and communication jamming as well as broadcast what they are dealing with on a daily basis first hand. Additionally, the access to technologies previously only available to the government have been crucial to the way new conflicts cane be followed.

While Rice wishes the United States would continue to aid the Ukrainian fighters with tools necessary to succeed, she said it is vital that the American government stay focused on controlling advancing technology while preserving democracy



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