Tempe Coalition on a mission to combat substance misuse

By Meghann Sepulveda It took just one bad hit from a strawberry kiwi-flavored electronic cigarette that led Dante Sanmiguel, the (then) 18-year-old Tempe student, fighting for his life. Hours after succumbing to peer pressure to vape, Dante...

Tempe HOPE team brings respect, dignity to homeless

By Janie Magruder Mary Forrester was in anything but a celebratory mood shortly before her 70th birthday last January. COVID-19’s latest variant had worsened an already unstable housing situation for Forrester, whose fixed...

Padres win their first three games of the season

By Alex Zener The Padres have won their first three games of the season big outscoring their opponents 146 to 12. On Sept. 3, Marcos defeated Vistal Grande in Casa Grande, 41-0. Junior quarterback...

Corona takes top honors at prestigious Westwood tournament

By Alex Zener Corona’s volleyball team won nine out of 10 tournament matches to be crowned champions at the prestigious 2022 Westwood Tournament of Champions Gold Bracket Sept. 9-10. On the first day of...

Thrift store proceeds help provide clothing for 10,000+ students

Assistance League of the East Valley is coming up again on one of its busiest seasons, and Kyrene Corridor residents are reminding neighbors about the group’s thrift store and the work it...

AZ Legislature wants sweeping school voucher plan, but do voters, who once crushed it?

Voters emphatically said no to school vouchers four years ago, yet the Arizona Legislature rammed through a sweeping school-voucher bill in July.

School security top of mind in South Tempe and West Chandler in wake of Uvalde massacre

South Tempe, West Chandler schools review policies regarding student and campus safety after the shootings at Robb Eleementary in Uvalude, Texas.

BACK TO SCHOOL AT KYRENE: $26K grant from Instrument Museum is music to students’ ears

Kyrene School District hopes two pay raises help fill its shortage of bus drivers and some middle school teaching positions.
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