Triple digits, pandemic, monsoons pose power grid challenges

At a time when the degree of difficulty in providing electricity to Tempe, West Chandler and the rest of the Valley is about to...

From Arizona to Greenland and back Prospectors’ rewards weighed in more than gold

By M.V. Moorhead There’s all this gold lying around out there; you just have to go pick it up. It’s that easy.” Josh Feldman is...

Helpful tips about casting your ballot in Tempe, Chandler

By Michelle Hirsch Tuesday, March 10 is Election Day in Tempe and Chandler. Local governing board and city elections are nonpartisan, meaning a candidate does...

Chandler best in U.S. to achieve one’s dreams, Hartke tells chamber

By Joyce Coronel Autonomous vehicles, rubberized asphalt, housing, the environment and new businesses were among a plethora of issues Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke addressed in a...

School parking lots pose danger for teen drivers

As local teens return to high schools for a fresh start this fall, many are driving to campus for the first time. I recall when...

Chandler farmers market making a comeback

As local businesses begin picking up steam again following the pandemic-induced economic shutdown, one well-loved institution is making a comeback. The Downtown Chandler Farmers Market...

Little ‘normal’ as high schools kick off 2021 sports season

High school football practice fields across Tempe and Chandler look like boom towns gone bust after the oil ran dry. School gyms are locked, the...

Rescheduled Ostrich Festival wings its way into Chandler Oct. 30

At a time when bad news abounds, there's a bright and hopeful spot on the horizon: The iconic Ostrich Festival, postponed in March due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, will be held Oct. 30-Nov. 1 at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. 

Tempe Review Board session to confront topics of medical marijuana, school for disabled

By Joyce Coronel Proposed expansion of medical marijuana cultivation and a school for adults with cognitive disabilities are among topics likely to stir public opinion...

Lots of agreement, not much debate in candidate matchup

Story and photos by Lee Shappell For anyone hoping to glean what separates those running for Tempe City Council and mayor in the March 10 election,...