Human trafficking: The plight of being young, vulnerable and unloved

They’re young, confused, desperate and vulnerable. They’re usually from difficult home backgrounds that left them seeking something: love, affection, food, shelter, money. And there are people out there who can’t wait to prey upon them.

Tempe first to combine strategies to learn how water sources can affect our public...

Commentary by Jennifer Adams Tempe has a long history of leaning forward into challenges. Our community is built on doing what some might think is...

Rural-Warner controversy: Long-vacant property up for new scrutiny; neighbors and developer disagree over rights

Special report & photos by Joyce Coronel A vacant lot at the northwest corner of Rural and Warner roads stands at the center of...

From Arizona to Greenland and back Prospectors’ rewards weighed in more than gold

By M.V. Moorhead There’s all this gold lying around out there; you just have to go pick it up. It’s that easy.” Josh Feldman is...

Beach Park faith-based concert organizer may be cited; Tempe police to stop any others...

The organizer of a Nov. 1 faith-based concert at Tempe Beach Park that proceeded without proper permitting may face legal action by Tempe.

W. Chandler pharmacy among Arizona sites for new rapid-result COVID tests

Seven sites in Arizona, including the CVS pharmacy at 5975 W. Chandler Blvd., become operational this week for rapid-result COVID-19 testing as part of a 1,000-site initiative nationwide to help slow the spread of the virus by increasing access to testing.

Commentary: 3 reasons why cities should lower speed limits

Editor's note: The following commentary from Lauren Kuby, a member of the Tempe City Council, was originally written for the December 7th print edition...

Iconic Union Pacific Bridge . . . Two Tempe notables remember its glory days...

Smoke billowing from last month’s derailment on the iconic Salt River Union Pacific Bridge was considerably heavier than what Harry Mitchell recalls from the steam locomotives that powered trains across it during his youth.

Racial equality: How one area school district will address it in the coming years

Wrangler News invited representa­tives of each school district in our Tempe/West Chandler coverage area to provide a 250-word descrip­tion of how their district is...

Candidates listed for Tempe’s March 13 Council election

Tempe’s March 13 special election is on the horizon, and campaign signs are popping up all over town as six candidates jockey for three positions.