Tempe YMCA: Keeping kids safe around water

If you’ve ever watched a newscast in the Valley, you’ve heard the voice of Dave Munsey and his nightly sign-off, “Watch your kids around water.”

Group launches pilot program to bring more public art to Tempe

A group focused on bringing arts into cities valleywide has launched a creative-thinking initiative designed to fuse the arts into the life and surroundings of the residents of south Tempe.

Car fire emphasizes need for So. Tempe station

The need for a city fire station in South Tempe came sharply into focus in the Wrangler News parking area on Aug. 30—hours before the paper's Sept. 2 edition was due to go to print.

Pollack name on area centers says more than business savvy

It's Friday night and Michael Pollack stands a few feet from the ticket counter, greeting patrons as they make their way to one of six screens to take in a movie in South Tempe.

Sunset Library to host eagerly anticipated event

Chandler Sunset Library in west Chandler will be in bloom on Wednesday, Aug. 30, with gardeners of all shapes and passions once again welcoming the start of the fall planting season.

From high school nerd to neuroscientist

A true “Renaissance woman” doesn’t come along every day, but Teagan Wall can lay some claim to the title.

New fire station raises alarm

Whether it’s a house going up in flames, a drowning child pulled from a pool or a loved one in the throes of a heart attack, there’s one response that’s been drilled into us: Call 911.

It’s never too late: Tempe center keeps minds, bodies engaged

Tom Ballard punches a code into a key pad at the entrance to the memory care center at Westchester Senior Living in Tempe.

Stored paint cans: Chandler wonders if they’re the elephant in your garage

You know that half-empty can of paint and the used automotive fluids taking up room in your garage?

Tempe mom catches a break with 21 other moms of children with disabilities

Twenty-two moms from Tempe and other parts of the United States—all filled with hope—recently gathered for a luncheon at Babbo's Tempe restaurant and an opportunity to share the successes and frustrations of their ongoing battle against holoprosencephaly.