June 11, 2005 issue

‘The few, the proud’
Keith Gould wasn’t especially motivated after graduating from Corona del Sol High School in 2001. He  tried community college, but that didn’t pan out. In November 2002, drawn by the idea of flying in helicopters, he joined the Marine Corps.

By Doug Snover

The writing is on the wall...and the fences and Dumpsters, too.
We’ve all seen it. Nasty words hastily scrawled on an alley fence. Or some indecipherable symbol that we worry might be a sign that gangs are moving into our neighborhoods. In other words, graffiti.

By Doug Snover


Discerning Diner...with Elan Head
With an eye to easy summer eating, warm up to potato salad
Summer weekends are upon us, and to me that means two things: pools and potato salad.

Sports Notebook
AIA Scholar/Athlete award salutes Valley Christian junior

Junior Varsity football coach Phil Mize is moving on from Corona del Sol to Texas. A member of the math department, Mize guided this year’s JV football squad to a 5-4 record with a season-ending victory over rival Marcos de Niza High School. 

By Ethan Holly

Munchkin manners: A kids’ guide to modern civility
Having children around the house in the summer can be fun, but sometimes even the most doting parents might find themselves wishing the kids were a bit better mannered.

By Doug Snover

Tempe plans to launch free bus-pass service for youth 6-18
Beginning Aug. 1, Tempe will implement a bus-pass program that allows youth ages six to 18 who live and receive schooling in Tempe to ride all Valley Metro bus routes at no charge.

Results show ‘exceptional’ year for Corona academics
Now graduated, members of Corona del Sol’s Class of 2005 are settling into post-high school life--but not before leaving Corona with a notable cache of accolades.

By Jonathan Cooper  

‘Average’ student helps draft plan to tax Web sales
When Stephen Schembri headed off to North Carolina and New York City to start his first job a few weeks ago, his mother, Tammy Billington, had every confidence that her son would change the world.

By Doug Snover

Letters to the Editor
Sound Off: A Wrangler News forum to share your views

Wrangler readers talk back.

Film Fare...with Mark Moorehead
Now playing: ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’

As a screen couple, Pitt and Jolie click, making this action flick a rollicking good time for all.

Screen gems...with M.V. Moorhead
Coming June 15: ‘Batman Begins’

The film, though somber in approach, is leavened with great, witty actors like Michael Caine (as the faithful Alfred), Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Rutger Hauer and Tom Wilkinson, among others, who can be counted on to leaven the solemnity with sly humor.