Letters to the Editor
Recall reaction


Rational, passionate, intelligent and dedicated—this is what describes the people working to recall Kyrene Governing Board member Rae Waters.

All conclusions made by these parents regarding the K-8 Recommendation were based on a careful analysis of all the facts surrounding this decision. No one is emotional or unreasonable when it comes to discussing what has happened in the last several months. Serious and focused is a better description. Engineers, professors, accountants, teachers, musicians, high school students, and business consultants are just some of the people who have come together for a common cause—to put the quality back into our children’s education. Most are strangers who never would have met had these decisions not been made by Rae Waters, John Doney and Sue Knudson, yet we are working together like we have known each other for years.

Rae Waters failed the community. She not only turned her back on her constituents, but failed the children of Kyrene. She voted for an educational plan filled with serious problems which will affect all Middle School Students across Kyrene for as long as three years, and she did not respond to the many questions and concerns her constituents had. Quality education is what is expected by teachers, parents, students, and community members in the Kyrene School District, and this incredible group of concerned individuals will work long and hard to make sure this never happens again to OUR schools!

Sandy Lowe, Tempe 85284