July 30, 2005 issue

Junior Jarheads
These Young Marines, who range from eight to about 18 years old, brandish shovels and rakes, not weapons.

By Doug Snover

Changes await returning students
The grumbling students and packed office-supply stores can mean only one thing: the freedom and relaxation of summer are nearly over; the often-monotonous routine of homework and schoolwork is about to begin once again.
By Jonathan Cooper  

Discerning Diner...with Elan Head
Presto: Pesto!
Is it possible to get sick of pesto? I have a friend with a luxuriant basil garden who tells me it is. But I’ve never approached that state myself. If you rely, as I do, on farmers’ markets and stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for your fresh basil, it’s hard to get enough of the stuff to get tired of it.

TechnoFiles...by Riley Gay
Eye in the sky: now Google is flying high

If you’ve ever used Mapquest to map an address or get directions to your destination, then you know how handy it can be. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually see the place you’re looking for? Well, now you can.

A small bonus opens school year
For a number of teachers in Kyrene schools, Monday, July 25 marked the first day on the job. The date also brought the start of new-teacher orientation, and as a result of efforts by the Kyrene Schools Community Foundation and numerous donors, officials said, it was a day of both successes and memories

Area Girl Scout earns coveted ‘Silver Eagle’
Lisa Brem, 15, a sophomore at Corona del Sol High School, has earned the Silver Award, the Girl Scouts’ second highest honor.

Sports Notebook
Summer camps lure college-football hopefuls

As summer passes the halfway mark, several of Corona’s top returning football players have attended important summer camps run by college coaches.
By Ethan Holly

Wagering your milk money: it’s a dangerous gamble
For many kids, gambling has become a powerful fad, influenced by the mainstream media.

By Matt Stone

Kids prove they’re rising S.T.A.R.S
Instead of wasting away their summer in front of TV, many middle school students in the Kyrene district are pushing for success by enrolling in the S.T.A.R. program.
By Heather Pagni  

Drum & bugle corps’ strategy pays off with winning season
When the members of The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps rolled out of Tempe for their very first competitive tour last summer, they had no idea how they’d fare against their more experienced and established competition. Little did they know that one year later, in July 2005, they’d finish their second undefeated season.
By Jonathan Cooper

Film Fare...with Mark Moorehead
‘Must Love Dogs’

Chick flick light with a happy ending designed to please most women and men smart enough to recognize an opportunity to score points with the women in their life.

Screen gems...with M.V. Moorhead
‘Secret Window’

After his fine, freaky performances in Pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp seems startlingly normal in the thriller Secret Window.